Haryana STET Scheme and Syllabus

Exam Pattern :

The Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is set to be made mandatory for aspirants to be able to teach in private and government school. For Paper I of the test, candidates will be tested on five subjects — child development and pedagogy, language I (medium of instruction) and language II (chosen from a list other than language I), mathematics and environmental studies. Each section will have 30 questions of one mark each. Questions on child development and pedagogy will focus on educational psychology of teaching. Emphasis will be laid on understanding the characteristics and needs of diverse learners. Questions on language I and II will focus on proficiency, elements of language, communication and comprehension abilities. MCQs on mathematics and environmental studies will focus on concepts and problem solving abilities.

Paper II will have three compulsory sections on child development and pedagogy, language I and II. For mathematics and science teachers, there will be 60 MCQs of one mark each. For social studies teachers, there will be 60 MCQs of one mark each.

All the questions in STET Entrance Exam are asked from the curriculum of Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (10+2). The questions are based on the science subjects, that is, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics.

Introduction, description of motion in two and three dimensions, heat and thermodynamics, thermal and chemical effects of currents, ray optics and optical instruments, solids and semi-conductor devices, atoms, molecules and nuclei, wave optics, electrons and photons, universe, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic induction and alternating currents, magnetic effects of currents, electrostatics, oscillations, gravitation, physical world & measurement, description of motion in one dimension, Laws of motion, work, energy and power etc.

Chemistry in action, chemistry of biological processes, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry of carbon compounds, coordinate chemistry and organo metallics, transition metals including lanthanides, chemistry of representative elements, nuclear chemistry, atomic structure, chemical bonds and molecules, periodic properties of elements, chemical thermodynamics, solid state, chemical equilibrium, chemistry of representative elements, nuclear chemistry etc.

Biology (Botany & Zoology) Development and Growth, Living World, Ecology and Environment and Biology in Human Welfare, Cell and Cell Division, Reproduction, Genetics and Morphology of Plants and Animals, Physiology of animals and Physiology of plants.

Probability, correlation and regression, differential equations, definite integral, integral calculus, differential calculus, vectors and three dimensional geometry, matrices and determinants, conic section, circles, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry, exponential and logarithms series, mathematical induction and binomial theorem, permutations and combinations, statistics, sequences and series, quadratic equations, complex number and sets and binary operation.

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    I want to know that what is the exect date of filling of STET exam form,and when exam is shuduled

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    if one had qualified stet of master category,then also it is necessary for him or her to give the test again


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