CBSE Business Studies Class XII Model Test Paper | CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper | CBSE Class 12 Model Papers


Que:1 Name the function of management under which perfORmance is compared with standards. (1)
Que:2 What is the objective of preliminary screening? (1)
Que:3 Name the majOR determinant of a dividend decision. (1)
Que:4 Which standardized mark is printed on jewellary? (1)
Que:5 What is financial leverage? (1)
Que:6 What is that process called by which a manager synchronises the activity of different departments. (1)
Que:7 Enumerate two segments of financial market? (1)
Que:8 If the company does not provide the right place fOR physical and human resources which principle of management is violated? (1)
Que:9 What is the purpose of training ? (1)
Que:10 What is the settlement of cycle of OTCEI ? (1)
Que:11 Explain the two types of investment decisions. (3)
Que:12 What is meant by “Price rigging” and “Insider trading”? (3)
Que:13 What is infORmal communication? Enumerate its any three features. (3)
Que:14 State any three function of top level management. (3)
Que:15 What does ‘Mental revolution’ imply in scientific management? (3)
Que:16 Explain briefly purpose and role of SEBI. (4)
Que:17 What is ‘Product Mix’? Explain briefly its components. (4)
Que:18 State any four examples of causes of deviation of actual perfORmance from standards. Also what cORrective action should be taken in each case. (4)
Que:19 Define the terms ‘Responsibility’, ‘AuthORity’ and ‘Accountability’. (4)
Que:20 How is the principle of ‘Unity of Command’ useful to management ? Explain briefly. (4)
Que:21 Explain the following three rights of consumer:
a) The right to be heard b) The right to seek redressal
c) The right to safety (5)
Que:22 What is ‘Product Mix’? Explain briefly its components. (5)
Que:23 Explain factORs affecting fixed capital requirement of a company. (5)
Que:24 “Planning and controlling are mutually inter-related and inter-dependent activities.” How? (5)
Que:25 Explain with diagram the motivation process. Give an example also. (5)
Que:26 Explain any six responsibilities of consumers. (6)
Explain briefly the ways and means of consumer protection in India. (6)
Que:27 Expalin the factORs upon which the amount of the wORking capital depends. Explain any six factORs. (6)
Describe the three majOR decision of the finance function.
Que:28 Explain in brief any six feature of planning. (6)
Explain briefly any six types of plans. (6)
Que:29 Explain the process of selection. (6)
Explain in briefly any six external sources of recruitment of employees. (6)
Que:30 Management is a goal ORiented process, pervasive and a group activity.Explain (6)
Explain any six characteristics of management. (6)


1. Attempt all the questions a serial way.
2. One marks ques attempt first.
3. Que. Paper should be attempt accORding to the division of time.
4. Underline the value points.

Manjeet Chellaramani
HOD – (Commerce Dept.)
Presidency Public School, Meerut.

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