GATE 2010 CS Solved Paper | GATE 2010 Computer Science Solved Paper | GATE Computer Science (CS) 2010 Paper

1.Which languages necessarily need heap allocation in the runtime environment?
(A) Those that support recursion (B) Those that use dynamic scoping
(C) Those that allow dynamic data structures (D) Those that use global variables
2. One of the header fields in an IP datagram is the Time to Live (TTL) field. Which of the following statements best explains the need for this field?
(A) It can be used to prioritize packets
(B) It can be used to reduce delays
(C) It can be used to optimize throughput
(D) It can be used to prevent packet looping
3. Which one of the following is not a client server application?
(A) Internet chat (B) Web browsing (C) E-mail (D) Ping

4. Let L1 be a recursive language. Let L2 and L3 be languages that are recursively enumerable but not recursive. Which of the following statements is not necessarily true?
(A) L2 – L1 is recursively enumerable
(B) L1 – L3 is recursively enumerable
(C) L2 ∩ L1 is recursively enumerable
(D) L2 ∪ L1 is recursively enumerable
5. Consider a B+-tree in which the maximum number of keys in a node is 5. What is the minimum number of keys in any non-root node?
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4

6.Which of the following concurrency control protocols ensure both conflict serializability and freedom from deadlock?
I. 2-phase locking
II. Time-stamp ordering
(A) I only (B) II only
(C) Both I and II (D) Neither I nor II

7. A system uses FIFO policy for page replacement. It has 4 page frames with no pages loaded to begin with. The system first accesses 100 distinct pages in some order and then accesses the same 100 pages but now in the reverse order. How many page faults will occur?
(A) 196 (B) 192 (C) 197 (D) 195

8. Consider a company that assembles computers. The probability of a faulty assembly of any computer is p. The company therefore subjects each computer to a testing process. This testing process gives the correct result for any computer with a probability of q. What is the probability of a computer being declared faulty?
(A) pq + (1 − p) (1 − q) (B) (1 − q)p (C) (1 − p) q (D) pq

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