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Sample Test Paper – I
Course Name : Civil Engineering Group.
Course Code : CC/CS/CR/CV
Semester : Fourth
Subject : Advance surveying
Marks : 20 Time : 1 Hours.
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q 1: Attempt any TWO of the following: 04 Marks
a) Enlist the accessories required for plane table survey.
b) Define the Changing of face.
c) Differentiate between open traverse & closed traverse.
Q 2: Attempt any TWO of the following. 08 Marks
a) Why the orientation is required in plane table surveying Name the methods of
b) How the centres of columns are marked in the following fig using theodolite
c) Explain the procedure of measuring bearing of line using theodolite
Q 3: Attempt any TWO of the following. 08 Marks
a) Explain the method of intersection of plane table surveying with sketch.
b) Calculate the latitudes and departures of the following lines.
Line Lenth W.C.B.
AB 100m. 150o
BC 50m 30 o
c) The interior angles of a closed traverse PQRST are as follwos

the line PQ is 120 o25’30” remaining sides of the traverse.
Calculate the bearing of the remaining sides of the traverse.

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