KPTCL Electrical Question Papers | KPTCL Electrical Technical Interview Questions

KPTCL question papers with Answers for KPTCL recruitment exam 2008 is here. Check the following written recruitment papers or Written Papers of KPTCL.

KPTCL Electrical Question Papers :

1.Why use in ups in software’s,reason,and pls explain.
2.what is the isolation transformer and main use it’s functioning and partes.
can I connect 25KvA stepdown transformer(RYB-440V,UVW-240V) to the output of 15KvA,3-phase online UPS(440V phase to phase)please brief.
3.what is difference between ATS & STS main use.
4.what is difference between ACB& VCB With symobles,and main partes, manimum range. 3.How many types of relays and main function.
5.In a Synchronous generator, Can AC voltage be used instead of DC voltage in field winding of rotor to produce AC power?
6.why firewall is build up between two transformer (220/11kv,50MVA)?what should be the firewall height?what is the clearance between firewall and transformer?
7.How to choose primany and secondary side MCB
8.why we have to do tan delta test of the transformer oil???

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