West Bengal Madrasah Service Commission SLST1 Syllabus | WBMSC SLST1 Syllabus | WBMSC SLST1 Librarian Written Test Syllabus

West Bengal Madrasah Service Commission(WBMSC) SYLLABUS

For the Post of Librarian

Written Examination: Paper -I (60 Marks)

A: Library, Information & Society

Library as a Social Institution, Library movement, Role of Libraries in formal and informal Education; Types of Libraries: National, Public, Academic & Special; Laws of Library Science; Information Society: Its evolution and implications; Freedom of access to information: Intellectual property rights, copyright,censorship; Extension & Community Information Services; Library Legislation in India; Professional Associations: Roles and Activities

B: Library Management

Library Planning; Collection Management: Document Selection, Ordering, Processing & Weeding Library Committee: Library Rules and Regulations; Human Resource Management; Office Management; Financial Management: Budget and Budgetary Control; Library Statistics and Annual Report; Library Standards; Library Maintenances: Shelving, Stock Verification & Conservation.

C: Knowledge Organization and Information Processing:
Library Classification Library Cataloguing
Classification: Its Nature, Purpose and Function; Knowledge Classification and Document Classification; Subjects and their formation: Universe of Subjects, Modes of formation of Subjects etc.; General Theory of Classification: Normative Principles and their Application, Standard Schemes of Library Classification; Trends in Library Classification; Library Cataloguing: Canons, and Principles- Types, Purpose and their Physical forms; Different Kinds of Entries and rules for Filling Entries; Principles of Subject Cataloguing: Assigning Subjects Headings using Library of Congress Subject- Headings & Sear’s List of Subject Headings etc.; Cataloguing Standards: ISBD, ISBN, ISSN, Computerized Cataloguing- MARC,UNIMARC, CCF; Recent trends in Cataloguing

D: Information Sources, Services and Systems

Reference and Information Sources: Documentary, non- documentary sources-Evaluation of reference sources; Users of Information: Types, Character tics, need and study of users; Organization of Information: Abstracting and Abstracts Indexing Languages; Information Centers: Different levels of Information Centers (International, National, State & Local); Information Systems: Structure and Services of Information Systems; Library as an Information System; Information Services: Need and Types of Reference, Documentation & Information Services.

E: Basics of Computers Application in Libraries
Components of Computer System; Generation and Types of Computers; Hardware and Software; Deta Storage Media; Operating System and their Types; DOS and Windows; File Creation; Application Software; Computer Networking; Library and Information Networks. Paper – II: General Knowledge and Current Affairs (10 Marks) [The Paper I examination will be of 90 minutes' duration and Paper II of 20 minutes' duration]

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  1. Amit Malakar

    PLease send me the syllabus for computer techers(Subject Computer Application) examination of PSC(Assistant Teacher). Advt. no. 13/2009

  2. taslim gandhi

    is it necessary to have urdu as a language subject either in secondary or high secondary for eligible in west bengal madarsah service commission?

    1. Puja Nag

      what is the Qualificatations for jr. madrasah for english language. is it necessary to have bengali as a language in secondary or highersecondary for eligible in west bengal madrasah service commission

  3. shamim akhter

    i want syllabus for “the preliminary screening examinatio ” post for clerk .pls send me as early as possible.


      Dear Shamim,
      Please go to the google amd type your required question. see u will received ur quaries. It has been proved. typed: syllabus of “Madrasah Preliminaey”


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