RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher English Syllabus | RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher English Syllabus and Pattern


(I) General knowledge and Current affairs with special reference to Rajasthan:
Current affairs of Rajasthan, Major current issues and happenings at state level related to Political, Socio economic, Games and Sports aspects.
Indian Constitution – salient features. Indian Political System – Union Executive – President : Powers and Functions. Prime Minister & Council of Ministers-Powers and Functions..
Office of Governor, Chief Minister and Cabinet Role and functions of state Secretariat, role of Chief Secretary, Local Government in Rajasthan – Rural and urban, Major institutions and their role in various developmental programmes – Women empowerment through local Governance.
(II) Geographical, Historical and Cultural Knowledge of Rajasthan - Location, Extention, relief features, climate, drainage, soil resource, Vegetation, Irrigaton, Multipurpose Projects, Agriculture, Live Stock, Dairy Development, Minerals – Power resource, Population distribution and growth, Literacy, Sex-ratio, Religious Composition, Industries, Major Tourists Centres and Means of Transportation of Rajasthan.
Main centres of Uprising and Protest in Rajasthan in 1857.
Freedom movement in Rajasthan and freedom fighters of Rajasthan, Integration of Rajasthan – various stages. People, Religion and culture of Rajasthan – Saints of Rajasthan, Lok Devta and Deviyan, various temples.
Important fairs and festivals, Folk songs and dances, Historical Palaces and Forts, Major Centres of Sufism in Rajasthan – Ajmer, Sarwar and Nagaur.
(III) Educational Psychology :
1 Educational Psychology – meaning, scope and contribution of educational psychology in field of Education.
2 Learning – Its Meaning, Factors affecting Learning, Different Theories of Learning and its implications for a teacher.
3 Development of Learner – Physical, Emotional and Social development of child and their implications for Learning.
4 Individual differences and Education for Special Children.
5 Motivation – Meaning and role in the process of learning.
(IV) School Subject (English)
A GRAMMAR 25 Marks

1 Tenses
2 Framing of Questions including Question Tags and Short Responses.
3 Contracted Forms (Positive and Negative)
4 Conditionals
5 Non-Finites – Infinitive, Gerund and Participle.
6 Narration – Direct and Indirect
7 Voice (Change only from Active to Passive)
8 Prepositions
9 Phrasal Verbs
10 Modal Auxiliaries
11 Determiners
12 Clause Analysis (Principal and Subordinate Clauses)
13 Transformation :
(a) Change from Simple to Complex Sentence
(b) Change from Complex to Compound Sentence
(c) Interchange of Degrees
14 Connectives :
(and, but, not only – but also, both-and, though, although, either-or, neither-nor, so-that, too-to, while, as well as, yet)
15 Common Errors in English.
1 Reading Comprehension of an unseen passage
2 Vocabulary Items – (Antonyms, Synonyms, One Word Substitution, Interpretation of Word Meanings and Odd Word Out)
3 Jumbled up Sentences
4 Proverbs and Idioms
1 Word Stress/Accent
2 Phonetic Symbols
3 Phonetic Transcription
1 Eclectic Approach
2 Communicative Approach
3 Structural Approach
4 Bilingual Approach
5 Direct Method
6 Grammar – Translation Method
7 Teaching of Prose
8 Teaching of Poetry
9 Teaching of Grammar and Composition
10 Teaching of Four Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
11 Audio – Visual Aids (Real Objects, Models, Charts, Pictures, Blackboard, OHP, Radio, Tape-recorder, T.V., Computer)

Scheme and syllabus of competitive examination for the post of Teacher Grade II (English)
1 The competitive examination shall carry 200 marks.
2 Duration of examination shall be two hours.
3 The question paper of written examination shall carry multiple choice type questions.
4 Paper shall include following subjects carrying the number of marks as shown against them :-
(i) General Knowledge and Current Affairs with special reference to Rajasthan. 60 Marks
(ii) Geographical, Historical & Culture Knowledge of Rajasthan. 60 Marks
(iii) Educational Psychology 10 Marks
(iv) School Subject (English) 40 Marks
Note : Standard of contents of School subject shall be of the Praveshika standard.
(v) Educational Methodology (English) 30 Marks
Total 200 Marks

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