SBI Probationary Officer General English Solved Test Paper

Probationary Officer : General English Part 1

Direction (Questions 1 to 5): Pick out word with the Opposite meaning.
1. Though his view is correct his behavior was impertinent
(a) healthy
(b) respectful
(c) inadequate
(d) smooth
(e) impressive
Ans (b)

2. The commission took two years to sift through the massive collection of documents.
(a) meager
(b) heavy
(c) light
(d) short
(e) ugly
Ans (c)

3. The Minister’s speech precipitated the matter.
(a) aggravate
(b) create
(c) defer
(d) push
(e) pull
Ans (c)

4. The chairman rebuked the accounts officer.
(a) received
(b) awarded
(c) invited
(d) strengthened
(e) praised
Ans (b)

5. The manager is quite tactful and handles the workers union very effectively.
(a) disciplined
(b) naive
(c) strict
(d) loose
(e) relaxed
Ans (b)

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