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Central Bank of India (CBI) Clerk Exam Call Letter 2011

Central Bank of India (CBI) Written Examination for recruitment of Clerks to be held on 13.02.2011 .

In the written examination there will be two types of tests viz.
(A) Objective and (B) Descriptive

This test is of qualifying nature and will not be considered for merit listing.
One Hour Thirty five Minutes i.e. 95 minutes only is exact and total composite time for all the above Tests. You may attempt the tests/questions in any order you like. However in your interest you are advised not to spend too much time on any one of the tests because to qualify in the written examination you have to pass each one of the tests, separately and also obtain sufficiently high marks in the merit order.

You are advised to apportion the time as suggested
below :-
TIME(In Minutes) 35 30 15 15
The questions in the tests of Reasoning Ability, Numerical Ability and Clerical Aptitude will be printed in Hindi and English.
5 questions (with Marks Time for this Test internal options) 100 60 Minutes Only qualifying :- The candidate has to pass in Descriptive Paper also but the marks obtained in it do not reckon in the aggregate marks of 200 of the written examination

Pass Marks : Candidates have to pass in each of the Objective Tests and Descriptive paper separately. Depending upon the number of candidates against the vacancies only those candidates who rank sufficiently high in the objective tests will be called for the interview. Mere eligibility / pass in the test shall not vest any right in the candidate for being called for the interview. THERE WILL BE PENALTY FOR WRONG ANSWER MARKED BY YOU IN THE OBJECTIVE TESTS. There are five alternatives in every question of a test. For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by you, one-fourth or 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. If for any question you give more than one answer, it will be treated as wrong even if one of the given answers happens to be right and there will be the same penalty as above for that question. If a question is left blank, i.e. no answer is given by you, there will be no penalty for that question. If the total of the penalty for a test is in fraction,the marks obtained will be rounded off to the nearest integer. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE BE CAREFUL IN MARKING YOUR ANSWERS.
Descriptive Paper intends to measure your higher order cognitive abilities, Knowledge on socio economic developments and communication skills. It is a question paper cum-answersheet and you have to restrict your answer to the space provided on the answer sheet. Use of supplements is not allowed. The time for answering this paper is 60 minutes and total marks are 100. Questions will be printed in Hindi and English. You have the option of answering your descriptive paper in any one language i.e. either the official language of the state / UT or Hindi or English.
In this paper there will be FIVE questions with internal options. Specimen questions are given below :-
Q.1. Education at all levels should be made free for women in India. Give your views on this proposition.
Q.1. Suggest three effective measures to eradicate illiteracy in India. Explain how the measures suggested by you will be effective.

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