Virtusa Placement Paper Held on 21st May 2010

Virtusa Placement Paper Held on 21st May 2010

There are 3 stages in the placement process:
1)written exam
2)technical interview
3)HR Interview.

The Written Exam Consists of 5 sections:

1. verbal ability
2. Analytical and logical reasoning
3. Attention to detail
4. C and Data structures
5. Learning capability.

1.verbal ability: In this section, be thorough with the usage of articles(a, an , the). Eg:I met him_____year ago.


2. Know the difference between effect and affect.

3.Be good with prepositions(basic stuff)

There is also a comprehension passage but attempt this later. First complete the rest and at the last come back to this passage. There are 25 questions and you have to answer them in 20 minutes. So make sure you maintain a decent pace right from answering the first question. That’s the key.

4. She’s so shy that she won’t even_____you in the face

Options given are: see, watch, look, glimpse

Ans: look

5.I hope I_______reach home before it gets dark

Options given are: will, can, should, must

Ans:will the time the movie_______i was feeling sleepy

Options given are:completed,finished,over,ended

Ans: ended

7. Neither of the sisters________for the mother

Options: cares, care, looafter, watch\

Ans: care

8.______among the stars is your favourite

Ans: who(not whom)

These are the few questions I remember. There was also this passage on The ban of soft drinks and stuff. Attempt this at the last even though it is easy. Be sure to score well in this section as it is indeed scoring.

2.Analytical and logical reasoning:
This is comparatively one of the tough sections. The trick here is the first few questions might not strike you at the first instance. But don’t worry…just go to the questions which you know and then come back to the unanswered. This section contains 25 questions and the time is 30 minutes.

What to expect:

1)questions from blood relations, puzzles.

Questions are like…200 people drink coffee and 110 drink tea and 250 drink both. So how many people drink coffee only and tea only and stuff like that(do refer R S AGARWAL for all these topics)

2. there are 4 Mondays and 4 Fridays in the month of January. So on what day of the week would be the 24th?


Questions from cubes like cutting a particular number of cubes and colouring them and questions on the faces uncoloured and stuff. Problem on probability(simple). Be good with venn diagrams also.

3.Attention to detail: This section contains 20 questions and 20 minutes. Easiest of all the sections but having said that you need to put your focus on them properly.

1. 44556677 44556678 44556677

Are all the above same?or 1 and 2 are same? Or 1 and 3 are same? Or neither are same?

Atleast 5 questions will follow the same pattern.

Then comes mathematical operations. Eg:+ stands for -,/ stands for *,- stands for /. Then perform the following operation:25+32-6*7/8

Atleast 5-6 questions follow the same pattern. But there is a twist here. There are 2 questions here which will make u slog around and work out all the options. So leave those 2 lengthy questions for your own good and work the rest. They expect you to work on those questions and leave the rest. So don’t do that. The rest all questions are easy, provided you haven’t made any silly mistakes out of over confidence. I do that on a regular basis.

4.C and Data structures: This is the lengthiest of all the sections and you need to be smart here. 40 questions in 40 minutes. There are few questions on c but many on data structures. First be good at basics of c (format specifiers, pointers, arrays, conditional operator, relational and logical operator)

Data structures:

1.which of the following is stable?

Options(selection sort, insertion sort, both of them, neither of them)

Be good at the applications of stacks and queues. There will be few theory bits, so try to score more on them. They will give many code snippets and u need to compute the output. Leave the lengthy programs as they are given to waste your time. The trick here is go for the theory and small programs bits.

5. Learning capability:
Here they will give a passage for you to read for 15 minutes and then will snatch away the papers and will give you another paper which contains questions on the passage you have read. They won’t allow you to note points while reading the passage. So just read the passage, get the theme of it, remember the abbreviations used, and try to remember the entire passage.(not so tough and not even easy). You will have to answer 10 questions in 10 minutes.

On the whole:

These are the 4 sections that are scoring . Coming to C and data structures, it is a very important section and try to answer atleast 55-60% of the questions correctly as there might be a sectional cutoff here. On the whole, there are 120 questions
The exam might be sapping for you to sit through 2 hours and 15 minutes

If you have questions, please ask below