Bank PO Exam Mock Test | Bank Probationary Officers Exam Sample Paper

Bank P.O. Recruitment Examination Mock Test


1. Setting the stage for an early election, the 13th Lok Sabha was dissolved on:
(1) March 22 (2) January 26 (3) February 6
(4) February 26 (5) January 6
2. The three accused in the case of Beant Singh’s murder who escaped from Burail Jail in Chandigarh, do not include:
(a) Joginder Pappi (b) Jagtar Singh Hawara
(c) Mehtab Singh (d) Balwant Singh
(1) a (2) b (3) c (4) a and b (5) a and c
3. Which cricket player bid farewell to cricket in the start of this year, after playing for nearly 20 years?
(1) Javed Maindad (2) Anil Kumble (3) Mathew Hayden
(4) Steve Waugh (5) Adam Gilchrist
4. In the recent peace initiatives between Pakistan and India, which of the following was agreeed to, by A.B. Vajpayee and Jamali:
(a) Composite talks to begin on February 16, 2004
(b) Pakistan’s yes to pipe line from Iran to India, to pass through their country
(c) Talks will settle all bilateral issues (including J & K)
(1) Only a and b (2) Only a and c (3) Only b
(4) Only b and c (5) All a, b, c
5. What is the “sleepy hollow” discovered recently?
(1) a hollow crater on the top of Mt Everest
(2) a shallow bowl on the surface of planet Mars
(3) a camera to probe into the galaxy
(4) a neutron star approaching the earth
(5) the latest supercomputer in the world
6. The new variant flu, which has affected nine countries is said to spread from:
(1) horses (2) cows (3) dogs
(4) chicken (5) birds
7. “Spoil Yourself” is the popular trade sentence of:
(1) Airtel (2) MTV (3) Tata Indigo
(4) Lancer (5) Opel Astra
8. Which of these includes nearly 37,000 co-operative societies of India (as in December 2003)?
(1) IFFCO (2) Amul (3) Lijjat Papad
9. The State which saw the dawn of a new era in the field of education, through the EDUSAT pilot project with ISRO’s help is:
(1) Tamil Nadu (2) Karnataka (3) Goa
(4) Punjab (5) None of these
10. The recently discovered star, which is nearly 40 million times brighter than the sun and at least 150 times as massive, has been named by the US astronomers as:
(1) LIB 2020-40 (2) Gigantica (3) USB 2004
(4) LBV 1806-20 (5) None of these
11. After three decades of tiger conservation in India, the population of tigers has increased from 1827 to : (approximately)
(1) 3600 (2) 2000 (3) 4800
(4) 1900 (5) 1500
12. The science exhibition on wheels, which was recently shown in various parts of India, was named as:
(1) Rail Congress (2) Science Congress
(3) Mobile Gyan (4) Gyan Gadi (5) Vigyan Rail
13. “Nano particles could have helped to offer heat resistance to the 9/11 terrorist strike on WTC, New York” is the view propounded by which American Indian scientist:
(1) A.P. Malshe (2) V.N. Khare (3) Joe Kernan
(4) Gajula Kapu (5) Lalita Kumari
14. The Indian carpet trade has been hit badly due to the competition arising from:
(1) Singapore carpets (2) American and Belgian carpets
(3) Pakistani carpets (4) Austrian and Australian carpets
(5) None of these
15. The 44,500 tonne Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Gorshkov will cost India:
(1) $ 2.0 billion (2) $ 1.2 billion (3) $ 1.5 billion
(4) $ 2.3 billion (5) $ 2.5 billion
16. Recently, the government announced several sops for various classes of the society. These include:
(a) setting up of a National Commission for farmers
(b) providing urban services in rural areas
(c) establishing new Krishi Vigyan Kendras
(d) allowing private companies to enter foodgrain exports and
their freedom to procure stock from the open market
(e) monopolising foodgrains to food corporation of India Which of the above points are true?
(1) a and e only (2) c and e only (3) c and d only
(4) e only (5) None of these
17. Which three countries, previously described as the “axis of evil” by US President Bush, are not confronting the same opposed stance:
(a) North Korea (b) Iraq (c) South Korea
(d) Afghanistan (e) Iran
(1) a, b, c (2) b, c, d (3) a, c, e
(4) b, d, e (5) b, c, e
18. Asian Women’s Boxing Championship was held in November 2003 at:
(1) Calicut (2) Hisar (3) Hyderabad
(4) Lucknow (5) New Delhi
19. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry recently decided to take strict action against some “hot” music videos on TV channels, after a number of representations and parliamentary debates. Which of these is not true?
(1) Music videos will have to be cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification.
(2) Only videos with a U (Universal) certificate can be shown on the T.V.
(3) For channels uplinked outside India, the contents will be regulated through Cable TV Regulation Act.
(4) The censor board will have 20 members and an annual fund of Rs 50 crores.
(5) None of these.
20. The Bihar ex-CM Laloo Prasad Yadav has seeked help from the Centre regarding:
(1) fodder scam and his non-involvement

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