International Mathematics Olympiad 11 Sample Papers

International Mathematics Olympiad 11 Sample Papers

The actual test paper has 50 questions.Time allowed : 60 minutes.There are 3 sections, 20 questions in
section I, 20 in section II and 10 in section III.
Section I : Logical Reasoning, Section II : Mathematical Reasoning & Section III : Everyday

Sets, Relations and functions, Mathematical induction, Logarithms, Complex numbers & quadratic equations, Linear inequations, Differentiation, Sequences and series (A.P. & G.P. Misc.), Trigonometry, Cartesian system of rectangular coordinates, Straight lines and family of straight lines, Circles, Conic section, Trigonometry, Permutations and combinations, Binomial theorem, Statistics, Mathematical logic, Limits, Probability, Introduction to 3-D geometry. Problems based on figures, Find odd numeral out, Series completion, Coding-decoding, Mathematical reasoning, Analytical reasoning, Mirror images, Embedded figures, Direction sense test, Cubes and dice.

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