SBI Clerk Exam Marketing Aptitude Questions

181. A formalized means of obtaining information that is to be used making marketing decisions is known as decisions is known as
1) Marketing research
2) Business research 3) Project report 4) Market mix 5) None of these

182. A .,…….. is a formalized set of questions for collecting information for research
1) Data collation 2) Information gathering
3) Questionnaire 4) Data collection
5) None of these

183. Fleducing the business portfolio by eliminating Products or business units that are not profitable or that no longer fit the companys overall strategy is called
1) Downsizing 2) Eliminating
3) Selling 4) Closing 5) None ot these

184.A strategy for company growth through starting up or acquiring business outside the company‘s current product and markets
1) upsizing 2) acquiring
3) diversification 4) centralisation
5) None of these

185.The collection of business and products that make up the company is
1) marketing 2) business
3) business portfolio 4) market portfolio
5) None of these

186. During pricing, the factors customers demand, cost function and the competitors’ prices are collectively known as
1) 3Cs 2) Consumer Cs
3) Competitions Cs 4) C factors
5) None of these

187. Calling on the prospective customers is known as
1) call 2) communicating
3) prospecting 4) courtesy
5) None of these

188. A persuading communication between the company’s representative and a prospective buyer lies under the class of
1) personal selling 2) direct marketing
3) function selling 4) target marketing 5) None of these

189.The method od sending promotional items to clients is called as
1) drip marketing
2) direct marketing
3) retailing
4) advertisement
5) None of these

90.Any paid form of non—personaI presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor is
1) positioning 2) advertising
3) direct marketing 4) selling
5) None of these

191. A promotion strategy that calls for spending a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to buildup consumer demand is called
1) push strategy 2) pull strategy
3) promotion mix 4) IMC mix
5) None of these

192. A short term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service is called
1) sales 2) advertising
3) sales Promotion 4) dividend
5) None of these

193. Business demand which finally comes from the demand for consumer goods is called
1) demand 2) consumer demand
3) derived demand 4) sales demand
5) None of these

194. The process of evaluating each market segment attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter is known as
1) segmentaticn 2) market positioning
3) target marketing 4) market mix
5) None of these

195. The extant tc which a prcduct‘s perceived performance matches a buyer expectations is known as

1)customer preceived value
2)customer satisfaction
3)customer value
4)customer demand
5) None of Thes

196) Human wants that are backed by buying power is knowns as…..
2)derived demand
3)consumer demand
4)buying power
5)None of these

197)In marketing intiallir is term which decribes
1)who determine that some need is not beeing met and authorised a purchases to rectify the situation
2)who most directly involved in the consumption of the product
3)Both 1 and 2
4)Only 1
5) Neither 1 nor 2

198) Which among the following is not an example of direct example of director marketing
1)Departmental Stores
2)catalog marketing
3)Mail order sales
4)Onlie Marketing
5)None of these

199)Demonstration is exercise to
1)Atractively pack and display the goods
2)Understand the customers
3)prove the characteristic of the product
4)Knowing the buying power of the customers
5)None of these

200) Consumer behaviour perception is a process through which
1)A consumer make ultimate purchasing
2)A Consumer’s mind recieves organizes
3)A Consumer is repeated
4)A Consumer is satisfied
5)Non of these
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181)1 182)3 183)1 184)3 185)3 186)1 187)1 188)1 189)1 190)2 191)2 192)3 193)3 194)3 195)2 196)1 197)1 198)1 199)3 200)2

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