SSC Constable(GD) in CPOs Exam General Awareness Sample Paper

SSC Constable(GD) in CPOs Exam General Awareness Model Paper

1. SQLn Computer Science stands for
(A) Sorted Query Language
(B) Structured Quick Language
(C) Structured Query Language
(D) Structured Quick Launch

2. Which of the followings not a part of the processor of a computer
(A) ALU `
(B) CU
(C) Registers

3. Rotation of crops essential
(A) forncreasing the quantity ofminerals.
(B) forncreasing the quantity ofproteins
(C) for getting different kinds of crops.
(D) forncreasing the fertility of the soil.

4. The major componentn CNGs
(A) ethane
(B) propane
(C) butane
(D) methane

5. World Environment Days celebrated on_
(A) June 5
(B) February 28
(C) November 14
(D) July5

6. Earths protected from ultra-violet radiation by means of
(A) Oxygen layer
(B) Ozone layer
(C) Nitrogen layer
(D) Carbon dioxide layer

7. The highest policy-making bodyn national planningnndiais
(A) Administrative Reforms Commission
(B) Finance Commission .
(C)nter-State Council
(D) National DevelopmentICouncil

8. Which one of the followings an example of fixed cost ?
(A) Price of raw material
(B) Fuel and power charges
(C) Rent forbuilding ·
(D) Wage for casual labour

9. The principle of population was propounded by V 1
(A) Gardener
(B) Odum
(C) Darwin
(D) Malthus

10. The public, private, cooperative and joint sectors existna
(A) Mixed economy
(B) Socialist economy
(C) Communist economy
(D) Capitalistic economy

11. The State which stands firstn software exports fromndias
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Karnataka l
(D) Andhra Pradesh

12. Panehayats were given constitutional status by. the amendment to the Constitution
(A) 74th
(B) 73rd
(c) 71
(D) 72

13. The President can- declare a national emergency on
(A) his own
(B) the written recommendation of the Prime Minister
(C) the basis of the report of the Governor of a State.
(D) the written- recommendation of the Union Cabinet.

14. Sarkaria Commission was set up for reviewing therelations between –
(A) Centre and States –
(B) Legislatt1re`and_Exeeutive
(C) Executive and Judiciary
(D) The Prime Minister and the President `

15. To raise a discussionn the House on a matter of urgent publicmportance, which motions used ?
(A) Censure .
(B) Adjournment an
(C) Calling attention
(D) Cut motions ·

16. Who spoken Hindi for the first time nthe UNO General Assembly ?
(A)ndira Gandhi .
(B) P. V._Narasimha Rao
(C) Atal Bihari Vajpayee ·
(D) Rajiv Gaiam ,

17. How many expeditions did Balziur lead to occupy Delhi ?
(A) Three
(B) Four
C) Five
(D) Six

18. Which h one of the following . monuments has the second largest domen the world ?
(A)Quwat-ul-Islam Masjid
(B) om Gumbaz
(C) Jamat Khana Masjid
(D) Alai_Darwaza

19. During whose reign Fa-I-lien visited ndia ?
(A) Sri Gupta
(B) Samudragupta
(C) Chandragupta
(D) ChanclraguptaI

20. The slave king who got the title Lakh .Baksh was
(B) Razia
(C) Qutbudin Aibak

21. ·Who was lthefirstndian soldier to refuse to use the greased cartridge ?
(A) Nana Saheb
(B) Bahadur Shah
(C) Manga] Pandey
(D) Tantia Tope

22. Vasco da Gama discovered sea route to_____
(B) S. America
(D) Australia

23. Tapti river risesnt__mountains.
(A) Eastern Gliat
(B) Western Ghat
(C) Satpura
(D) Vindhya

24. The majorgoal of the Green Revolution has been to
(A) Decrease the use of modem machinery.
(B) Decrease Population growth
(C)ncrease agricultural output
(D)ncrease the number of traditional farms.

25. The world’s mostmportant renewable energy resource
(A) Natural vegetation
(B) Water
(C) Solar radiation
(D) Tidal waves

26. The largest number of Cotton Weaving mills are locatedn
(A) Tamil NaduI
(B)Uttar Pradesh
(C) Maharashtra

27. Hibemation phenomenons notice
(A) Cosmonaut
(B) Avian;.I yQ
(C) MamrnaliansI
(D) Amphibians

28. Dengueisa
(A) viralnfection
(B) fungalnfection
(c) bacterial mrecmm
(D) protozoannfection

29. Cockroaches, prawns and crabs possess
(A) Simple eyes
(B) Compound eyes
(C) Parietal eyes·
(D) Noeyes

30. Bio-diesel, a kind of non-conventional source of energy, whichs obtained from
(A) Sugarcane
I` (B) Jarmphg a
(C) Castor plant
(D) Mustard plant

31. Photosynthesis occurs
(A) onlyn leaves
(B) onlyn stems
(C)n all green parts of plants
(D)n the roots

32. Banana leaves on maturity tearnto ribbons tIo avoid
(A) desiccation .
(B) air resistance
(C) scorching sunlight
(D) mutual shading

33. The substance which changes from solid to vapour state at normal atmospheric pressure without being liqueiiedis
(B) Mercury
(C) Camphor
(D) Bismuth

34. Which energy comes from Sun ?
(A) Wind energy
(B) Thermal energy
(C) Tidal energy
(D) Hydel energy

35. The tungsten wiren coiled formn electric bulb has
(A) lowerImelting point and lower resistance
(B) lower melting point and higher resistance
(C) higher melting point and lower resistance
(D) higher melting point and higher resistance

36. The tidesn the ocean are due to (A)- Wind over the Oceans
(B) Gravitational pull of the Moon
(C) Rotation of the Earth
(D) Revolution of the Earth

37. Oil-fires are extinguished by
(A) Soda—acid fire extinguisher
(B) Foam-type fire extinguisher . `
(C) Carbon-tetrachloride fire extinguisher n
(D)Simply by`water

38. The apparatus used for measuring the heat changes called
(A) Thermometer
(B) Voltameter
(C) Voltmeter
(D) Calorimeter

39. Plaster of Paris hardens by
(A) combining with water
(B) giving out water
(C) giving out CO2
(D) combining with CO2 German Silvers an alloy of
(A) Silver and Copper
(B) Silver and Aluminium
(C) Copper, Zinc and Nickel
(D) Nickel and Aluminium

41. What lwas the name accorded to the Military Operationn Kargiln 1999 ?
(A) Operation Pawan
(B) Operation Poomalai
C) Operation Vijay
(D) Operation Brasstacks

42. The film Slumdog Millionaire’s based on the book Question & Answer written by
(A) Bhisham Swarup
(B) Vikas Swarup
(C) Vimal Swamp .
(D) Vinay Swamp

43. Thentemational Hockey Toumamentn which only the top six nations (iudged by their rankings) arenvited to take parts
(A) Champions Trophy
(B) Azlan Shah Cup
(C) World C-up
(D) Champions Challenge Trophy.

44. Pankaj Advani has won the World Professional Billiard Championship,2009 defeatingn the final
(A) Geet Sethi ·
(B) Robert Frost y
(C) Om Agarwal
(D) Mike Russel

45. To whom didndia beat to lift the ONGC Nehru Cup, 2009 ?
(A) Japan
(B) Somalia
(C) Syria
(D) Afghanistan

46. The recipient of the 42 Jnan Peeth Award this years
(A) Manohar Shashtrl
(B) Satya Vrat Shashtri
(C) K. Kaushal Panda
(D) Mahavir Shashtri

47. Who has won the 100 metres sprints at the British Grand Prix recently ?
(A) Tyson Gray
(B) Usain Bolt
(C) Kim Collins
(D) Mario Burns

48. The World Badminton Federation declared thendian Shuttler, Saina
(A) The most promising player of 2008
(B) The leading player of 2008
(C) The most popular player of 2008
(D) The emerging player of 2008

49. The- first sister fromndia to be . conferred the Sainthood by Pope Benedict XVIs
(A) Sister Desouza
(B) Sister Nirmala
(C) Sister Alphensa
(D) Sister Madorana

50. The three countriesn serial order which won the highest number of Gold Medalsn the Beijing Olympics am `
(A) China, U.S.A, Russia
(B) China, U.S.A, Germany
(C) China, Germany, Australia
(D) China, Australia, Canada-

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