Kerala PSC Deputy Collector Mains Exam Model Paper 2011

Deputy Collector Previous Question Paper (Main)
Paper I General Studies
Maximum: 150 marks
Time: 3 hours
All questions are to be attempted. Each carries 15 marks.
No answer should exceed 1,500 words in length.
1. “Formation of linguistic states has proved to be a bag of mixed blessings”. Discuss
2. What are the social, economic and religious dimensions of the impact of Sree Narayana Guru Swamy on Kerala?
3. Has the Planning Commission outlived its usefulness? If so, suggest an alternative. If not, explain why?
4. Is sustainable development impossible without causing ecological hazards?
5. Explain the impact of fall in prices of commercial crops on Kerala economy?
6. Discuss the role of the District collector in Kerala’s current administrative structure?
7. Land Reforms in Kerala has been counterproductive. True or False?
8. What are your views on human cloning?
9. Write short note on the following?
(a) Kerala’s Express Highway Project
(b) The Golden Quadrilateral
(c) Vallarpadom Transshipment Terminal
(d) Marine Fishing
10. Name the Chief Ministers Kerala has had and state in one sentence what you consider the best contribution of each CM to the life and society of Kerala

Maximum: 50 marks
Time: 1 Hour
Part I and Part II can be answered in English or in Regional Languages and Part III should be answered in Malayalam or Tamil or Kannada
PART – I (Data Appreciation)
1. The following table gives the data on foreign tourists arrival (in lakhs) to India during 2001-2003

Study the above table and answer the following questions:-
(a) What is the general trend observed over years on the arrival of foreign tourists?
(b) How much per cent of the tourists visit India during the months from November to February? Why a large proportion of tourist prefer this period for their travel to India?
(c) “The range of variation of tourists arrival within the months increases over years”. Comment on this statement.

(d)What is the month in which the foreign tourists inflow to India is the least. Explain with reasons for this

(8 Marks)

2. The following data provides the population size, the number of households, number unemployed, per capita income in Rupees, number or houses connected by electricity and water supply and the number of houses with good sanitary conditions from each of three villages A, B and C.

(a) Study the above data and prepare a report
(b) In a schemes of uplifting the villages from their backwardness an organisation intimates its desire to provide a support of Rs. 75,00,000 with a condition that atleast 60% of the amount should be assigned to employment generating schemes. Prepare a budget proposal to be submitted to the organisation so as to draw the amount for the development of the villages.

(12 marks)

PART – II (Problem Solving)
3. In each of the following questions with multiple choice identify your answer and write the same.
(a) A survey was conducted on a sample of 1000 persons regarding the literacy on Malayalam, English and Hindi. The results of the survey are presenterd in the diagram below:

The ratio of the number of persons who do not know any of the three languages to those who know all the three languages is:
(i) 60/125 (ii) 1/4 (iii) 15/21 (iv) 16/100
(b) In a journey of 320 km, a car covers the first 240 km at a speed of 80 km/h and the remaining distance at 40
km/h. The average speed of the car for the whole journey is:
(i) 60 km/h (ii) 75 km/h. (iii) 64 km/h (iv) 72 km/h
(c) The number of triangles in the following figure is

(i) 8 (ii) 10 (iii) 12 (iv) 14
(d) In the following sequence of numbers one number is missing. Find out the appropriate number of the
missing value:
1/9, 2/9, 2/3, 8/3, 40/3, 80
(i) 160 (ii) 160/3 (iii) 480 (iv) 560
(e) How can the relationship between X and Y be best defined if the values of X and Y are as follows?

(5×2=10 marks)

4. Suppose you are working under a District Collector. The District Collector has assigned a work to you. After the completion of the work on assessing it, the Collector felt dissatisfied with it and called for explanation from you for the failures. Write an explanation letter to the District Collector, How will you proceed further to solve the problem?

(5 marks)

PART – III (Essay Writing)
5. Write an essay not exceeding 500 words on any one of the following topics:-
A. Merits and demerits of People’s Plan
B. Administrative Reforms in Government with the help of Information Technology?
C. Necessity of Economic Empowerment of the uncared people to build a Shining India?

(15 Marks)

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