KUK Date Sheet of 2011 B.Tech. II, IV, VI and VIII Semesters Exam

Date Sheet – B.Tech. II, IV, VI and VIII Semesters KUK Date Sheet Date-Sheet for the B.Tech. Engineering VIII Semester Examination commencing on 31.5.2011. (THEORY EXAMINATION) Time of Examination: 9.00 P.M. Onwards (MORNING SESSION)

Date & Day

Reference No. Subject & Paper

MAY , 2011
31st, Tuesday

ME-402E Entrepreneurship
IT-452 Information Technology Applications
ECE-402E Wireless and Mobile Communication
CSE-402 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
EECT-402E Modeling and Simulation
EE-402E Computer Methods in Power System
CE-402E Bridge Engineering
EIE-402E Advance Process Dynamics and Control
ELE-402E Embedded System Design
FTT-402E Food Storage Engineering
CHE-402E Process Engineering Economics
IC-402E Reliability and System Engineering
BTT-402E Bioethics & Biosafety
TT-402 Technical Textile-II
AEI-402E Reliability and System Engineering

JUNE, 2011
3rd, Friday

ME-404E Power Plant Engineering
IT-454 Mobile Communication
ECE-404E Radar Engineering
CSE-404 Interactive Computer Graphics
EECT-404E Modern Trends in Communication
EE-404E Electrical Engineering Materials & Processes
CE-404E Railway and Airport Engineering
EIE-404E Computer Hardware
ELE-404E Design of Fuzzy System
FTT-404E Entrepreneurship Development and Management
CHE-404E Energy Technology
IC-404E Robotics Engineering
BTT-404E Principles of Management
TT-404 Textile Costing
AEI-404E Information Theory and Coding
COE-440 Date Communication and Computer Network

6th, Monday

ME-406E Operation Research
IT-456 Advance Computer Network and Application
ECE-406E Multi Media Communication
CSE-440 Distributed Operating System
CSE-442 Software Quality Models & Testing
CSE-446 Expert System
CSE-450 Software Verification Validation and Testing
EECT-406E Special Electric Machines
EE-406E Operation Research
CE-406E Industrial Waste Water Treatment
EIE-406E Data Communication to Computer Network
ELE-424E Digital Communication Engineering
FTT-406E Instrumentation and Process Control
CHE-406E Industrial Hazards and Safety
IC-406E Advance Control System
BTT-424E Human Genetics and Human Genome
TT-406 Management of Textile Production
AEI-406E Neural Networks
MET-444 Air Pollution and Its Control
COT-404 Complier Design

9th, Thursday

ME-420E Non Conventional Manufacturing
ME-426E Total Quality Management

9th, Thursday

IT-468 Cryptography and Security System
ECE-424E Embedded System Design
CSE-472 Object Oriented Software Engineering
CSE-474 Simulation and Modeling
CSE-476 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
EECT-442E Utilization of Electrical Energy
EECT-444E Non-Conventional Sources of Energy Management
EE-408E Special Electrical Machines
EE-414E Utilization of Electrical Energy
CE-414E Geo Synthetics Engineering
EIE-408E Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation
FTT-408E Industrial Statistics
BTT-418E Biocatalysts & Bio Transformation
CHE-416E Polymer Science and Engineering
IC-420E Ultra sonic Instruments and Measurement
TT-424 Processing of Man Made and Blended Textiles
AEI-420E Ultrasonic Instruments & Measurements
ECT-408 Transport and Access Technology
IT-418/468 Cryptography and Security System

13th, Monday

ME-430E Energy Management
ME-432E Management Information System
IT-472 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
IT-474 Embedded System
ECE-422E Advanced Control System
ECE-426E Neuro Fuzzy System
ECE-428E Electronic Switching System
ECE-430E Transducer and their Applications
EECT-450E Radio and TV Engineering
EE-416E Internet Fundamentals
CE-418E Ground Water Hydrology
CE-422E Environmental Impact Assessment
CHE-424E Membrane Separation Process
IC-424E Information Theory and Coding
TT-430 Post Spinning Operations
AEI-424E Advance Process Control
IT-470 Mobile Communication
ECT-410 Neuro Fuzzy Systems

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