DIETCET 2011 Answer Key

DIET CET 2011 Was Held on 29.05.2011 Sunday.

DIETCET 2011 Key

Part II-Genaral English

11. Dogs have a very good sense ….. smell
Choose the appropriate prepo-sition to complete the sentence
1) off 2) for 3) of 4) in
12. When I switched on the TV, the programme…. I was just in time.
Choose the appropriate ve-rb form to complete the sentence
1) Started 2) would start
3) had started 4) might start
13. Let’s sit in the garden, ………?
Choose appropriate question tag
1) should we 2) do we
3) shall we 4) shall I
14. Jagan was bitterly ….. the result of the match.
Choose the appropriate answer to complete the sentence
1) disappointed of
2) disappointed to
3) disappointed for
4) disappointed at
15. We thought Anand to be a dete-ctive
The passive form of the above sentence is ….
1) Anand is thought a detective by us.
2) Anand was thought to be a detective
3) A detective was thought Anand
4) Anand was thought that of a detective
16. Every Sunday, Ravi and Moh-an meet in the same cafe. They are going there for years The underlined part should be replaced by?
1) have gone
2) have been going
3) have not gone
4) have not been going
17. “I really must have a rest”, Swati said.
The sentence can be reported as
1) Swati insisted to have rest
2) Swati insisted to have a rest
3) Swati insisted on having rest
4) Swati insisted on having a rest
Read the following passage. Choose the correct alternative for each of the question nos. 18 to 20 given after the passge.

It is not always easy in company to speak frankly; and if you don’t wa-nt ot be considered a bad-tempered person, you have to watch constantly for signs. It is not easy, for example, to listen for long to any person. Try in company to take only a fair share of the conversation. If there are two of you, take half of it. When you ha-ve said a little, keep quiet and give your friend a chance to say some-thing. If he does not talk, he does not want you to talk either. Many a you-ng man or woman talks away, thinki-ng the company is delighted to hear him or her and everyone is really ex-hausted and angry.
18. If one watches constantly for signs,
1) he will be considered bad-tempred
2) he will be able to understand better
3) he will be respected by all
4) he will be able to speak frankly
19. When your friend does not ta-lk,
1) you have to continue talking
2) you have to ask him or her to speak
3) you have to make signs
4) you have to end up the conversation
20. The word ‘exhausted’ in the passage means
1) tired out 2) worn out
3) found out 4) broken out

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