Sailor Entry Musician Career at Indian Navy

Matic and Non Matric (MR & NMR)
Senior Secondary Recruitment
Artificer Apprentice
1. Musical Ability:
The candidates applying should have proficiency in western notation, aural aptitude, knowledge of Theory of Music and actual practical skill on any Musical Instrument.
2. Type of Instruments:
The candidates applying should have proficiency in playing String, Key-board, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Instruments both of Western and Indian Origin.
3. Age:
The applicant should be of the age between 17-21 years (ie. he should not be less than 17 or more than 21 years on the date of enrolment).
4. Nationality:
Applicant should be a resident Indian. The Gorkhas, subjects of Nepal, are also eligible for applying for the recruitment.
5. Marital Status:
Applicant should be an Unmarried male.
6. Minimum Educational Qualification:
Applicant should have passed 10th class examination and should be able to exhibit an aptitude for music.

7. Physical Standards:
The candidate should be physically fit for enrolment into Indian Navy. This capability is tested at the examination venue on qualifying in written examination and is termed as Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Qualifying in Physical Fitness Test is mandatory. PFT will consist of 1.6 km run which is to be completed in 07 minutes, 20 Squats (Utthak Baithak) and 10 Push ups.

8. Medical Standards:
(a) Medical examination will be conducted by authorized Military Doctors as per medical standard prescribed under current regulations applicable to the sailors of Indian Navy on entry. The detailed guidelines for medical standards are laid down in the Navy Orders (SPL) 01/1999 by IHQ MOD (Navy).

(b) Physical traits include minimum height of 157 cm with proportionate body weight depending on the age and height of the candidate. He should also have proportionate chest with minimum expansion capability of 05 cms.

(c) Candidate should possess good mental and physical health, should be free from any disease / disability and have no cardio vascular disease, surgical deformities like Knock-Knees, Flat-Foot. Candidate should not have a past history of fits or psychiatric ailments Vericose-vein etc. He should not have any type of infection in the ears. Candidates are advised to get their ears cleaned for wax and tartar removed from teeth before appearing for the written test followed by PFT and Medical examination.

(d) Candidate should possess Colour perception standard of CP II and Eyes Visual standards should meet the under mentioned prescribed standards for both the conditions that is with glasses AND without glasses.

Without glasses

With glasses

Better Eye

Worse Eye

Better Eye

Worse Eye





NOTE: Applicants declared permanent medically unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital in previous recruitment for the same entry in Navy need not apply.

9. Responsibility for Conduct of Recruitment for Musicians.
The Director of Music (DOM) at INS Kunjali, Mumbai-400005 will be responsible for conduct of recruitment for Musician sailors as per schedule promulgated by IHQ MOD (Navy). The preliminary screening and Medical examination would be carried out at following Naval Recruitment Establishments (NREs) by a team nominated by DOM.

(a) INS Kunjali, Mumbai
(a) INS Netaji Subhash, Kolkata
(a) INS Venduruthy, Kochi
(a) INS Circars, Visakhapatnam
(a) INS India, New Delhi

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