ICAR ASRB ARS/NET Preliminary Examination Veterinary Science Syllabus


Historical developments in veterinary and animal sciences, Role of livestock sector in Indian agriculture, Current scenario of livestock and poultry production, health and epidemiology of diseases including emerging and exotic diseases, Knowledge on current issues and development programmes, Constraints in animal production systems, International organizations, policies and regulations on animal health, production and trade, Climate change and its effects on animals and relationship, contemporary advances in research and development : Animal anatomy, physiology, gynqeacology & obstetrics, veterinary clinical and preventive medicine, surgery & radiology, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, veterinary public health, pathology, immunology, pharmacology & toxicology, animal ethics & veterinary jurisprudence, animal production, animal genetics & breeding, livestock products technology including dairy sciences, poultry sciences and cutting –egde sciences such as biochemistry, biotechnology and its use for growth of animal sciences.

Part B:

Animal Cell – organelles and functions, Digestive physiology of ruminants & non-ruminants, Animal systems and their physiology, Descriptive anatomy and histology, skeletal system, Animal and fish Biotechnology, Biochemical processes, enzymes, vitamins, hormones, minerals, Current developments in animal biochemistry, biotechnology and molecular biology, Techniques in biochemistry including physiological & clinical biochemistry, nutritional biochemistry and immunological biochemistry, Genetic engineering, cloning, process engineering, Embryo transfer, hybridoma.

Importance of paraclinical sciences, Animal Health, General Bacteriology and Mycology, Virology, Pathology, Parasitology, Animal and Avian diseases, Immunology, Molecular cell biology and diagnostic technology, Veterinary Public Health issues, Epidemiology, pharmacology, chemotherapy, Toxicology, Autocids, Endotoxicology and all paraclinical Veterinary Sciences topics.

Veterinary gynaecology and obstetrics, reproductive cycles in farm animals, Reproductive endocrinology, Gestation and reproductive disorders and infertility in animals: Andrology, Male fertility, Frozen semen technology, Artificial insemination, Assisted reproductive technologies, micromanipulation of embryo, Animal surgery and radiology, anaesthesia, orthopastic surgery and lameness, Thoracic surgery and surgery of other systems / organs, General agents of veterinary medicine and preventative medicine, Gastroenterology, Diseases of cardio-vascular and pulmonary systems, urinary and nervous systems. Legislations and veterinary jurisprudence, common toxicities and deficiency problems and metabolic diseases, Food and environmental hygiene.
Livestock production systems, changing trends, Mendelian genetics, cytogenetics, molecular / biochemical / population / quantitative genetics, mating systems, Breeding methods in animals, poultry, conservation of genetic resources, lab animal breeding, Animal nutrition, lactation, Feed evaluation and feed processing, Breeding / feeding / reproduction management, shelter / health management, Methiogenesis and interventions poultry science, animal / poultry product technology and management. Livestock population dynamics in India, Animal production systems, Adaptation, Breeding policies, different breeds, Nutritional requirement, Marketing of livestock and their products.

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