RSRTC Recruitment Exam Part A General Syllabus for all Candidates

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) Recruitment Exam Syllabus
General Syllabus for all Candidates
PART-A Marks- 40
1. Current Affairs: – Major Current issues, happenings and Sports at State, National and International Levels.
2. Geography and natural resources :-
(A) Broad physical features of the world, important place, rivers, mountains, oceans
(B) ecology and wild-life of India
(C) Rajasthan physiographic:- climate, vegetation and soil regions, Broad physical divisions of Rajasthan. Problems of Population unemployment, poverty. Drought, famines and desertification in
(D) Rajasthan, Natural resources of Rajasthan: Mines and Minerals, Forests, Land and Water, Animal resources. Wildlife and Conservation.

3. Agriculture and Economic Development with special reference to India and Rajasthan: Food and Commercial Crops of Rajasthan, Agriculture based Industries, Major Irrigation and River valley Projects, Projects for the development of the desert and wastelands. Major Industries. Tribes and their economy.

4. History and Culture: –
Major monument and literary works. History and Culture of India and Rajasthan with special reference to :-
a) Tribes and their economy.
b) Dialects and Literature.
c) Music, Dance and Theatre.
d) Religious beliefs, cults, saint, poets, Warrior-saints, ‘Lok Devtas’ and ‘Lok Deviyan’.
e) Handicrafts.
f) Fairs and Festivals, Customs, Dresses and Ornaments, With special reference to Folk and Tribal aspects thereof.

5. General Mental Ability

6. Logical reasoning and analytical ability.

7. English and Hindi. (10th Standard)

8. Administrative sets at state, district, tehsial & panchyat. (Rajasthan)

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