IIT JAM Geophysics Question Paper 2011

IIT Joint Admission Test For M.Sc Geophysics Question Paper 2011

Q.1 Which one of the following minerals undergoes chemical weathering most readily?
(A) olivine
(B) quartz
(C) muscovite
(D) K-feldspar

Q.2 The Himalayas represent an orogeny along a
(A) continental-continental plate boundary
(B) oceanic-oceanic plate boundary
(C) oceanic-continental plate boundary
(D) intra-continental rift

Q.3 An example of a rock produced by dynamic metamorphism is
(A) quartzite
(B) greenstone
(C) mylonite
(D) hornfels

Q.4 The intensity of an earthquake is measured by
(A) amplitude
(B) extent of damage
(C) depth and location
(D) time difference between arrivals of P- and S-waves

Q.5 What is common to these four ore minerals- chalcocite, smithsonite, covellite and tenorite?
(A) all are ores of copper
(B) all are sulfide in composition
(C) all are of same colour
(D) all are formed by supergene enrichment process

Q.6 An isolated mass of rock that has undergone thrusting over several kilometers and is disconnected from its roots, is most appropriately described as a
(A) nappe
(B) klippe
(C) window
(D) monocline

Q.7 Which one of the following sequences of the various varieties of coal indicates an increasing order of carbon content?
(A) peat-lignite-bituminous coal-anthracite
(B) peat-bituminous coal-lignite-anthracite
(C) lignite-peat-anthracite-bituminous coal
(D) anthracite-lignite-bituminous coal-peat

Q.8 Large scale cross-beds are usually characteristic of
(A) eolian deposits
(B) alluvial deposits
(C) deltaic deposits
(D) glacial deposits

Q.9 The numerical age of the Permo-Triassic boundary is
(A) 65 MYBP
(B) 145 MYBP
(C) 251 MYBP
(D) 542 MYBP

Q.10 Which one of the following statements is correct with regard to explosive volcanism?
(A) It is usually associated with basaltic magma
(B) It produces extensive lava flows
(C) It has a high volatile content
(D) It has a low viscosity

Q.11 A fold with limbs dipping in the same direction but at different angles is best described as
(A) symmetric
(B) recumbent
(C) upright
(D) overturned

Q.12 Earth’s lithosphere is composed of
(A) crust only
(B) mantle only
(C) lower mantle and outer core
(D) upper mantle and crust

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