UPSC Combined Defence Services (I) Exam English Paper 2011

Directions (For the 20 items which fallow):

In this Section you have four short. passages. After each passage, you will find some questions based on the passage. First, read a passage and answer the questions based on it. You are required to select your answers based on the contents of the passage and opinions of the author only.

Literature and history are twin sisters, inseparable. In the days of our own grandfathers, and for many generations before them, the basis of education was the Greek and Roman classics for the educated, and thc.Bible for all. ln the classical authorsand in the Bible, history and literature were closely intervolved, and it is that circumstance which made the old form of education so stimulating to the thought and imagination of our ancestors. To read the classical authors and to read the Bible was to read at once the history and the literature of the three greatest races of the ancient world. No doubt the classics and the Bible were read in a manner wc now consider uncritical but they were read according to the best tenets of the time and formed a great humanistic education. Today the study both of the classics and of the Bible has dwindled to small proportions. What has taken their place `? To some extent the vacuum has been filled by a more correct knowledge of history and a wider range of literature. But I fear that the greater part of it has been filled up with rubbish.

1. Which of the following statements best reflects the underlying tone of the passage ?
(a) Literature and history are mutually exclusive
(b) Literature and history are complementary to each other
(c) The study of literature is meaning- less without any knowledge of history,
(d) Literature and history are inseparably linked together in the classics and the Bible

2. The author of the above passage says that in the past the basis of education for all people. irrespective of their intellectual caliber, was
(a) Greek and Roman classics
(b) The Bible
U (c) A correct knowledge of history
(d) A wider range of literature

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