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Installation of Python and Running methods

Python distribution is available on a wide variety of platform. Python is pre installed in LINUX and MAC OC Machines, while intstallers for all of the operating systems are available at windows installer XYZ-.msi file where  xyz is the version where you are going to install. The python interpreters reads the source program and […]

Concept of learning Python for freshers | Importance of Python

Python is a general purpose, interpreted, interactive, and object oriented scripting language. The language has the strength to be more objective oriented, its free, portable and it’s powerful. It was created by Guido Van Rossum in early 1990.It has been derived from languages including C, C++,Small talk, and unix shell and other scripting languages. Python […]

Oracle E Business Suite- Some terminologies and set up in order management

Business Group: It is the highest level in organizational structure, such as consolidated enterprise a major division or an operation company .The Business group secures the Human Resource Information. Legal Entity: It is the unit which prepares fiscal or tax reports. Inventory Org: Multiple Org: Same set of books Each inventory org to —Multiple set […]

Order Organizer- Oracle E Business Suite

You can find the order while entering the order date and to date. There by you can also filter it by customer name, number as it displays the order entered during the date. You can order standard items both Shippable, Non-Shippable, and configuration using the window. Important Points Order type is dependent on invoice to […]

Shipping Execution Concepts in Oracle with Example

Shipping Execution Trip Stop Delivery Delivery leg   TRIP:    A Trip is an instance of a specific freight carrier departing from a particular location containing deliveries .It may make other stops on its way from a particular location containing deliveries. It may make other stops on its way from the starting point to its final […]

How to create an SR in Oracle and various types of SR

Open SR  Create on SR Button—-then you will know what is the problem,and where is the problem Then in Step 1 —–Write the problem summary Add description to the problem summary description/configuration/Hardware/Software on demand. Choose the correct identifier and click on the next button on upper right hand corner Step 2  Choose the problem type […]

Amazon Interview Questions

How would you answer? – Who was your most difficult customer? – How would you introduce AWS in an elevator pitch? – What is the worst mistake you ever made? – If your direct manager was instructing you to do something you disagreed with, how would you handle it? – Describe what Human Resource means […]