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Application Process
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Percentage of Reservation
Required Documents
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Application Process

1. The online admission process for Std. XI is applicable to all recognised junior colleges in MMR and their participation in this process is compulsory.
2. Any student, whether from the Maharashtra state or otherwise and having passed the examination of S.S.C. or any equivalent examination from any recognised board, must participate in the online admission process.
3. Admissions to Arts, Science, Commerce general streams and bifocal shall be done online. However, admission to MCVC, Home science, Management, Minority quota and In house quota shall be done by the Principals of the respective Junior Colleges at their level. Admissions to technical schools for technical subjects not will be done online. The students are advised to approach the Head Master/Head Mistress of such schools.
4. The admissions to night Junior Colleges shall be done by the Principals of the respective Junior Colleges.
5. The admissions of students securing ATKT will be done after completion of online admission process.
6. Online admission shall be done as per the constitutional and social reservations in force.
7. Upon confirmation of admission of the student to the Junior college as per the merit list, the admission to the optional languages / subjects shall be done by the respective principals at their level subject to availability of seats, as per merit.
8. The cost of information booklet and Online admission process is Rs. 150/- (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty only). In case a student, who has obtained the book by paying Rs. 150/- fails in Std. X of March 2010, he/she will be refunded Rs. 125/- (Rupees One hundred twenty five only) after deducting Rs. 25/- as the cost of the booklet by the Head Master / Head Mistress of concerned school.

Rules for Admission

1. A student must have passed the std. X examination of Maharashtra State SSC Board or an equivalent examination, to be eligible for admission to std. XI. The marks obtained at this examination will form the sole basis for admission to std. XI.

2. A student will be eligible for admission to XI Science only if he/she has secured a minimum of 40% marks in Science subjects at the qualifying examination. There is no condition regarding minimum marks for admission to Arts and Commerce streams.

3. A student will not be subjected to an interview or any kind of test prior to finalizing his / her admission.

4. As per the circular of the Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, Pune, No. RA Man/Papui /Gen. Math/4050, dated 2nd June 2008, students who have opted for General Mathematics in Std. IX and Std. X can apply to Std. XI Arts, Science or Commerce General Stream. However, these students are not eligible to opt for Mathematics and also for the six subject of bi-focal and technical group. They will therefore have to opt for some other optional subject.

5. The rules for admission to the Bifocal subjects at +2 level in Govt. and Private Educational institutions have been sanctioned under Govt. Resolution No. GTS (1084/ 40926/ 101/ 84) Tanshi-2D, Education and Employment Dept. Mantralaya, Mumbai 32, dated 22nd April, 1987. All admissions to the Bifocal subjects will be given in accordance to these rules.

Instruction for Students
In the online admission process:-

* There are three STREAMS 1) Science, 2) Arts, 3) Commerce
* In above streams there are two CLASSES 1) Bifocal, 2) General
* There are two SUB CLASSES under each class 1) Aided, 2) Unaided
* There are three SETS of Junior colleges 1) Co-Ed., 2) Boys, 3) Girls
* There is more than one MEDIUM of instruction viz. Marathi, English. Hindi, Urdu, etc.

1. Junior Colleges are given unique code numbers to identify the streams, classes, subclasses, types, sets and medium of instruction. Thus the same junior college may have more than one code number depending upon the streams, classes, sub classes, types, sets and medium of instruction.
2. In preparing all the lists of admissions, Category-wise MERIT shall be considered first, followed by the order of preference of the junior colleges as given by the student.
3. Students shall give their order of preference of junior colleges for bifocal and general streams in separate boxes provided for that purpose.
4. A student may opt for a single stream or maximum two streams simultaneously. His/her preferences can contain both the streams, in any order. Hence, while giving their order of preference of junior colleges in a given class, Students can include in the same box all the sub classes, types, sets and mediums of instruction but not more than two streams.
5. The student must give minimum 5 & maximum 25 preferences for Bifocal (Science and Commerce) class and minimum 10 & maxirnum 30 preferences for general (Arts, Science and Commerce) class in their order of preferences of junior colleges. In case the student is applying for 2 streams, then he/she must include at least one preference of each stream in his/her order of preferences of Junior colleges.


Class: Bifocal (Commerce and Science)

Order of Preference Code Numbers Details of Junior colleges as per code no.
1. ******** ABC Junior College, Bi-focal Electronics (Science), Aided
2. ******** PQR Junior College, Bl-focal Banking (Commerce), Un-aided
3. ******** LMN Junior College, Bi-focal Comp. Sc. (Science), Aided, Girls#
4. ********

Class : General (Science and Commerce)

Order of Preference Code Numbers Details of Junior colleges as per code no.
1. ******** ABC Junior College, Science, .Aided
2. ******** PQR Junior College, Commerce, Un-aided
3. ******** LMN Junior College, Science, Aided, Girls#
4. ******** XYZ Junior College, Science, Un-aided

Class: General (Commerce and Arts)

Details of Junior colleges as per code no.
Order of Preference Code Numbers
1. ******** XYZ Junior College, Arts, Un-aided
2. ******** PQR Junior College, Commerce, Aided
3. ******** LMN Junior College, Commerce, Aided, Girls#
4. ******** YYY Junior College, Arts, Un-aided

Class: General (Arts and Science)

Order of Preference Code Numbers Details of Junior colleges as per code no.
1. ******** ABC Junior College, Science, Aided
2. ******** ABC Junior College, Arts, Girls#, Un-aided
3. ******** PQR Junior College, Science, Aided, Co. Ed
4. ******** DEF Junior College, Science, Aided
    #can be applied by Girl Students only.

    These examples are only illustrative and not Exhaustive
    After entering code nos of colleges, student will get all above Details.

  1. The students applying under constitutional reservations (Reserved category students) and special reservation (sports, cultural, wards of servicemen/ ex-servicemen, wards of freedom fighters, handicapped) are required to submit their online application forms from their respective secondary schools. However, the students outside MMR area and belonging to above mentioned catgories, are required to submit their online forms from any nearby school. (List of schools is given in the information booklet.) The Head of the school will verify the relevant certificate and submit the form online.
  2. The first list of admission will be announced for admissions to bifocal class (science and commerce) only.
  3. After admitting student of the first merit list of bifocal, If there are any vacancies, then second merit list will be declared. The vacancies will be filled by the second list, which will also deal with the admissions to bifocal class only. This list may give a betterment option to the students who have taken admission in the first list and may also include students whose names were not included in the first list
  4. After the second list, there will be no more lists announced for admissions to bifocal. Vacancies arising thereafter in the bifocal, shall be filled by the Principals of the Junior Colleges at their level, in the order of merit, only from among the students admitted in the science or commerce general streams in that junior college, after the entire online admissions are over.
  5. The third list (and all the subsequent lists) will deal with the admissions to Arts, Science & Commerce general streams only.
  6. All the students who have applied to bifocal will be considered for admissions to general streams provided they have given their preferences for the same, irrespective of whether they have secured admission to bifocal or not.
  7. It is pertinent to note that only one betterment option will be given in both the classes (bifocal and general). The betterment option will consider order of preference in the ascending order only and will be offered, subject to the merit of the student and the availability of seat.
  8. If a student, whose name appears in a particular list in a particular junior college, as per his/her merit and preference, fails to secured admission as per the allotment, his/her name will be deleted and he/she will be out of the online admission processes.
  9. If a student is not allotted a seat in any junior college as per his/her order of preferences, he/she will be allotted a seat in a junior college in the area of his/her preference. Hence, it is mandatory for every student to enter minimum one and maximum three preferences for area as per his/her choice.
  10. If a student is not allotted a seat as per his/her area preference, he/she will be allotted seat in a junior college according to his/her residential address, first nearest to residential area, second nearest to residential area, subject to merit and availability of seat.
  11. Students are advised to fill the online application form carefully (especially the order of preferences, UID code and also the different reservation claims). If any information filled in the application form by the student is found to be incorrect or false, then his/her admission will stand cancelled.
  12. Student can fill the code nos. of junior colleges of their choice in the online admission form after properly studying the information provided in the booklet.
  13. The admission will be finalized on the basis of the merit of the student, preference specified by the student in the online form and availability of seat.
  14. Hence a student can accordingly select stream and the type of junior college he/she wishes to apply to. Student must consider the last year’s cut-off percentage of the concerned stream of that junior college. A student must decide his/her order of preferences, taking into consideration the marks that he/she has secured.
  15. Student must give their order of preferences for bifocal separately, for which a provision has been made in the online application form.
  16. Different code nos. have been assigned to colleges offering bifocal, based on the type (aided or unaided) and available subjects (comp. sc., electronics etc). Students are advised to choose the code nos. carefully, since the fees for aided or unaided divisions will be different. There are different code nos. for different subjects and types (aided or unaided)
  17. The seats of bifocal being limited, it is mandatory for every students to give preferences for corresponding general stream also, so that a student is not deprived of admission due to non-availability of a seat in bifocal as per his/her merit.
  18. The students of SSC board, who apply for online admission through open category (those who will be applying purely on merit and not be availing of any reservation or concession of any category), can submit their online admission form through their respective schools or from home or any other place where computer with internet and printing facility is available.
  19. Students who have passed equivalent examination of std. X through boards other than SSC board (e.g. CBSE, ICSE, IB etc.) must submit their online application forms through their respective schools, who will approve their relevant documents.
  20. Since the data of the students passing through the SSC board is already available for online process, such students will only have to click on the drop boxes of their choice and hence it will be a simple procedure and they will not face any language problem. In case of any difficulty, the student can approach their parents or the head of their school or their teachers.
  21. All repeater students who have passed examination of Std. X in more than one attempts, should enter marks of the subjects they have passed. Marks of subjects in which they had failed in earlier attempts must be excluded.
  22. After the online admission form is filled the student is advised to go through the entire form, before clicking the SUBMIT button. In case of any shortcoming, mistake or necessary change, the student can do the necessary correction and then click the SUBMIT button.
  23. The student must take a printout of the submitted online application form. Using this printout he/she can verify the information filled in the online form.
  24. In case the student finds some error (other than preferences) in the submitted online form, he/she can make corrections only by approaching the nearest guidance center with proper documents to support the change within stipulated time.
  25. The student must take a printout of such corrected online application form for information.
  26. The student will get an acknowledgement of their online application form via SMS on the mobile numbers which have been indicated in their online application form. Students can also view the receipt of their online application form on the website.


1. Government means Government of Maharashtra, Department means the administrative department of the Government of Maharashtra (School Education Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai) .

2. A High Schoolis a secondary school which provides a course in general education leading to the Secondary School Certificate Examination. (S.S.C. Examination).

3. A higher Secondary School(Junior College) is an institution which provides instructions leading to Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (H.S.C. Examination).

4. Aided Junior College means an institution obtaining grants under the grant-in-aid code of the Government.

5. Unaided Junior College means a junior college, not receiving any salary or non-salary grant from the Government.

6. Minority Institution means an institution declared as Religious or Linguistic minority by the Government of Maharashtra.

7. Management Quota means the 5% seats, as per rules, to be filled in by the Management which runs the Junior College at their level.

8. Minority Quota means the 50% seats to be filled by the Minority Institution, from amongst students belonging to the Religious /Linguistic group, as per rules.

9. In-house Quota means the 20% seats, reserved for the students of the schools, run in the same area by the same Management, which runs the Junior College.

Percentage of Reservation


Sr. No. Category Minority Percentage of reservation Non- minority Percentage of reservation
Mumbai Thane Raigad Mumbai Thane Raigad
Special Reservation
1. Minority quota 50% 50% 50% —– —– —–
2. Management quota 05% 05% 05% 05% 05% 05%
3. In house quota 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
4. Ward of transferred state Central and private employees/ Servicemen / Ex-Servicemen/ Freedom fighter/ Student met with accident 05% 05% 05% 05% 05% 05%
5. Arts and Culture
6. Physically Handicapped, learning disability dyslexia, dysculculia, disgraphia 03% 03% 03% 03% 03% 03%
Constitutional (Social) Reservation
1. S. C. —– —– —– 13% 08% 11%
2. S. T. —– —– —– 07% 22% 09%
3. VJ – A —– —– —– 03% 03% 03%
4. NT – B —– —– —– 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%
5. NT – C —– —– —– 3.5% 3.5% 3.5%
6. NT – D —– —– —– 02% 02% 02%
7. SBC —– —– —– 02% 02% 02%
8. OBC —– —– —– 19% 09% 19%

Required Documents

* Open Category: Mark-sheet of Std. X (SSC) or equivalent Examination School Leaving Certificate.
* Constitutional (Social) Reservation: Caste Certificate issued by Competent Authority.
* Special Reservation :

1. Arts & Culture :
o Passing Certificate Examination of Music/Dance Conducted by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.
o Certificate of Prize winning for Acting in the Bal Natya Competition Conducted by Directorate Of Art & Culture. [Ref.GR.NO.HSC/1707(222/07)/UMASHI-1 Dt. 25/03/2010]
2. Sports:Students should possess any one of the following certificates (obtained only while studying in stds. VIII, IX, X) [Ref.GR.NO.HSC/1707(222/07)/UMASHI-1 Dt.25/03/2010]
o Certificate showing that the student has secured first or second rank at the District/State/National level. The certificate should be certified by the district sports officer or the zonal sports Deputy Director.
o Certificate showing that the student has won medal(s) at the zonal level or Certificate showing that the student has participated in the National/State level competitions organized by the Indian Schools Games Association or Indian Games Authority. The certificate should be certified by the district sports officer or the zonal sports Deputy Director
o Certificate showing that the student has won medal(s) at the State level or Certificate showing that the student has participated in the National/State level competitions organized by Associations which have been recognized by the Indian Olympic Association or Maharashtra Olympic Association. The certificate should be certified by the district sports officer or the zonal sports Deputy Director. The above criteria (a), (b) and (c) has been mentioned based on GR No. HSC/1707/ (222/07)/HSE- 1dt 26th June 2008.
3. Wards of transferred state/Central Government and Private sector employees: The certificate showing transfer of the employee on or after 1st Oct of earlier year and joining certificate. The ward seeking admission must not have pass examination of Std. X of SSC or equivalent from MMR. [Ref.GR.NO.HSC/1097(1444/97)/UMASHI-1 Dt. 25/03/2010.]
4. Wards of Servicemen and Ex-service men:
o For servicemen certificate issued by district Sainik Board
o For Ex-Servicemen: Service certificate and copy of Identity card
5. Wards of freedom fighters: The students who are dependent on the freedom fighter and so nominated by the freedom fighter must submit a certificate issued by the Dist. Collector to that effect. [Ref.GR.NO.HSC/1097 (1444/97)/UMASHI-1 Dt. 25/03/2010.]
6. Student who had met with a serious accident must submit certificate from appropriate authority.
7. Handicapped: Certificate showing atleast 40 % disability, issued by the Civil Surgeon or by the Medical Officer of any Government / Municipal hospital. Students having learning Disability must produce a certificate from the competent authority.

Procedure to be followed after merit list

Students whose names appear in the merit list of a specific Junior College, should fill up the admission form of that college, attach required original certificates and their Xerox copies, pay Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty only) and take provisional admission to that college, within the stipulated days and time for that merit list.

Betterment for the students who have been admitted according to merit & preference and who wishes to get admitted again to a Junior College which appears in a higher preferential order in the option form filled by student.

1. Student has given his preferential orders of Stream & Junior Colleges.
2. According to merit he / she have been allotted a seat and has been admitted to that Junior colleges.
3. The names of such students who have got admitted according to merit & preference will remain in the Online Admission Process and these students will be eligible for an opportunity to be admitted to a Junior College which appears at higher preferential order in the option form, subject to availability of seats in subsequent merit lists.
4. In a subsequent merit list, if the name of the student appears in a Junior College which is at a higher preference than the college he/she has been already admitted, then he/she will first have to cancel the admission to the Junior College that he/she has been admitted and then secure admission to the new Junior College allotted to him/her, within the stipulated time for that merit list only. Students must note that this betterment option will be available to them only once.


You will need to use ‘Application Id’ and ‘Password’ given in the information booklet.

please ensure that you have purchased the information booklet from your School/Guidance Center and you have read it carefully.

Please keep a completely filled-in sample application form given in information booklet, for your reference, before you fill it online.

Click on ‘Applicant’ in login section for filling online application form.

While filling in online application form, please carefully read instructions given on the screen to avoid mistakes in the form.

Practice Option Form Important instruction

This ‘Practice Option Form’ is given only for your practice and understanding. This is NOT your actual option form. The link to fill-in your actual ‘Option Form’ will be available in your login, 7 days before the declaration of SSC results.

Click Here To Online Registration

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