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Three years honours Degree Course

(A) B.A.
One subject from each of any three pof the following groups of subjects (out of Three subjects, One should be the honours subject and the other Two will be elective subjects) is to be chosen with the restrictions as given below. At least one of the elective subjects must be a non language subject.
Group A : Begali / Urdu
Group B : English / Philosophy / Economics
Group C : History / IslamicHistory & Culture
Group D : Arabic / Persian / Sanskrit / Sociology
Group E : Pol. Science

(B) B.Com. (Honours in Accountancy)

Identity Card will be issued to students at the time of admission only on production of two copies of passport size photograph with name (without attestation), Class, Roll No. written on the back side of the photograph).In case of loss, new card will be issued against payment of Rs. 10 as fine.No card will be issued to the sent up students (2nd year and 3rd year students).

4.(B)Payment of Scholarship / Stipened

Payment of Scholarship / Stipened will be made to the students on a specific date of notified by the principal.
Scholarship and stipend will be paid on production of acknowledgment slip (Counterpart of the tuition fees) for the same period. Payment will be made to none other than the student concerned.


Concenssion will be issued to the eligible students according to the rules of Railway/Tram Co. etc. No concession is normally issued when the college is on vacation.

5. Enquaries

All enquiries must be made at the office between 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. Students should consulteveryday the notice board on which all important notice are put up.

6. Admission stand cancelled if a student is found abssent in his/her classes for 15 working days after admission at a stretch without prior intimation.

7. Students from other boards / statesare to note that their testimonials would be sent for verification to proper authorities. Any discrepancies would lead to cancellation of admission and administrative action.

8. Admission of any candidate incontravention of Universityregulation and restriction or in contravention of any rules framed by the college authorities, even though detected afterwards, will be cancelled without reference. Principal’s dicision is all cases of admission.

Honours and General courses leading to B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. degrees are of 3 years duration. In a 2 part system of University Examination students appear for Part I Examination after the completion of 2 yaers of study. On being qualified, ane can sit for Part II Examination after the completion of 3rd year of study. Medium of instruction, except language courses, is generally English.


Subject: Zoology

2 year M. Sc course in Zoology is offered to the students who have completed their U.G. course with Zoology as Honours subject. The selection is done through counselling by the College. Number of seats is 25 of which 1 is reserved for Universities other than C.U. The Department is still young with P.G. course becoming operative since 2000-01. However, it can already boast of a luminous alumni.

Faculty Detail

1. Prof. Subhra Kumar Mukhopadhyay, M.Sc.,Ph.D. (Head of the Department) Reader
2. Prof. Dipankar Sengupta, M.Sc. Asst. Professor (S.G.)
3. Prof. Subir Dasgupta, M.Sc.,Ph.D. Reader
4. Prof. Tarak Nath Khan, M.Sc.,Ph.D. Reader
5. Prof. Sanjib Das, M.Sc.,Ph.D. Lecturer (Sr. Scale)
6. Prof. (Smt.) Jayanti Sinha Choudhury, M.Sc. Lecturer
7. Prof. Biswapati Dasgupta, D.Sc. Part-time Lecturer
8. Prof. Arup Kumar Sinha, M.Sc.,Ph.D. Part-time Lecturer
9. Prof. (Smt.)Sriparna Dutta Roy, M.Sc. Part-time Lecturer

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