Bank of Baroda Probationary Officers (PO) Call Letter 2011

Bank of Baroda PROBATIONARY OFFICERS’ RECRUITMENT TESTS Will be held on 13.03.2011.

Candidates who have not received their call-letter, can download their call letter from 05.03.2011 to 12. 03.2011 from the Bank’s website.


1. Particulars to be Noted : Please note carefully your Roll Number, Category, date, time and venue for the examination
given in the call letter. Please also note that this call letter does not constitute an offer of employment by the bank.
2. Punctuality in Attendance : You should be present at the examination hall at least half an hour before the time given
in the call letter. Candidates arriving late will not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall.
3. Call letter to be Surrendered : Affix firmly a copy of your recent passport size photograph in the space provided for it
in the call letter and bring it with you alongwith the original counterfoil of the fee payment challan when you come to the
venue for the examination. You will not be permitted to appear for the examination if you do not bring the call letter
with the photograph affixed on it and the original counterfoil of the fee payment challan. You will be required to
sign in the space provided for candidate’s signature on your call letter in the presence of the invigilator in the examination
hall. You should hand over your call letter to the invigilator in the examination hall, when he collects the call letters from
the candidates. Please retain the counterfoil at the bottom of the call letter with you for your personal record.
4. Compliance with Instructions : You should scrupulously follow the instructions given by test administrators and the
invigilators at all the stages of the examination for which you have been called. If you violate the instructions you will be
disqualified and may also be asked to leave the examination hall.
5. Use of Books, Notes and Copying or Receiving/Giving Assistance Not Allowed : No calculator, separate or with
watch, pagers, cellphones, books, slide rules, foot rules, note-books or written notes will be allowed inside the examination
hall. Any candidate who is found either copying or receiving or giving assistance will be disqualified.
6. Specimen Answersheet and How to fill information On it : A blank specimen answersheet is attached to this booklet
at the end. Fill in the required biodata and other information on this answersheet for your practice and bring it with you to
the examination hall. You will get a similar answersheet in the examination hall, on which you will have to copy the biodata
and other information already filled in by you on the specimen answersheet. How to fill in the information on the
answersheet is explained in this booklet elsewhere (at SI. No. IV) and shown on the specimen answersheet.
7. Use of HB Pencil and Ball Pen : You should bring with you two HB pencils, a good quality eraser, a sharpener and a
ball-point pen. You are advised to bring two pencils to avoid mending a pencil during the examination as you may lose
time. Use ball-point pen for filling up the information only in boxes 1-11 on Side 1. Use HB pencil only, for filling up
information in boxes 13-28 on side 1 of the answersheet and box 29 on side 2 of the answersheet. All the answers
should also be marked by using HB pencil only.
8. Handling answersheet : Please handle your answersheet with extreme care and keep it dust free. If it is mutilated,
torn, folded, wrinkled or rolled, it may not be evaluated by the machine.
Answersheets and question papers will be supplied by the Bank. After the test is over, you should hand over the
answersheet and objective test booklet (question paper) to the invigilator before leaving the room. Any candidate
who does not return the question booklet and/or answersheet or is found to attempt to take or pass on the question
booklet or answersheet inside or outside the examination hall will be disqualified and the Bank may take further action
against him as per rules of the Bank.
9. Rough work to be done on the booklet : You should do all the necessary rough work on test booklet/question paper
itself only. You SHOULD NOT do your rough work on the answersheet or any other paper. If any rough work is done on
the answersheet, your answersheet will not be assessed.
10. One Single Answersheet : For all the objective tests there will be a single answersheet.
11. Method of Showing Answers : All your answers must be marked in the answersheet only. The method of indicating
answers as described and illustrated below must be followed. If this is not done the answersheet will not be assessed by
the computerised machine.
12. Write Roll No. on the Test Booklet : You should write your Roll No. in the space provided on the cover page of the test
booklet. If you do not write your Roll No. on the test booklet your answersheet will not be assessed.
13. Information on the Answersheet : You should write all the information required on the answersheet such as Roll No.,
Name, Test Form No., etc. If you do not write your Roll No., Name and Test Form No., etc. and do not darken the
respective ovals, your answersheet will not be assessed.
14. Travelling Allowance not admissible : No travelling allowance or other expenses in connection with the examination
will be paid.

Click Here To Download Bank of Baroda Probationary Officers (PO) Call Letter 2011

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