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you can advertise in this site for as low as 5$ per month

We currently accepting 2 types of Advertisement.

Banner Advertisement
We Accept banner advertisement for a monthly of 125$ ( Rs. 5000/-) only

your banner can be of maximum size 125×125 in dimension.
to advertise your banner, please contact us through our contact us page

Your Ad will be shown in in first tab of right sidebar in all pages,
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you can keep for as low as one month.

Link Advertising
For Links Advertising, we use Text Link Ads so if you want to advertise within our posts or through our the site through text link, please links through

You can advertise for as low as 5$ per month.
we will add the page in which you are advertising into “Featured” tab so that there are more chances that you will get hits through our site.

for Whom its preferable

  • You are Running an institution and want to advertise about your institution
  • You can arrange management seats in top engg and MCA colleges
  • those who can help people going abroad for higher studies and jobs
  • you have a career related website
  • websites targetting young Indians
  • so on…

How you can advertise in

  • you can advetise using text, graphic, flash or any other visuals
  • you can show your ad to only certain geographic location ex: to only hyderabad visitors
  • you can advertise on monthly or impressions or clicks based

the possibilies are endless…

if you are interested in advertising at, please feel free to contact us using below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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