AIEEE 2007 Solved Paper

AIEEE 2007 Paper Physics Questions

1.Angular momentum of the particle rotating with a central force is constant due to
(1) Constant Force (2) Constant linear momentum.
(3) Zero Torque (4) Constant Torque

2.A 2 kg block slides on a horizontal floor with a speed of 4 m/s. It strikes a uncompressed spring, and compresses it till the block is motionless. The kinetic friction force is 15 N and spring constant is 10,000. N/m. The spring compresses by
(1) 5.5 cm (2) 2.5 cm
(3) 11.0 cm (4) 8.5 cm

3.A particle is projected at 60° to the horizontal with a kinetic energy K. The kinetic energy at the highest point is
(1) K (2) Zero
(3) K/2 (4) K/4

4.A charged particle moves through a magnetic field perpendicular to its direction. Then
(1) the momentum changes but the kinetic energy is constant
(2) both momentum and kinetic energy of the particle are not constant
(3) both, momentum and kinetic energy of the particle are constant
(4) kinetic energy changes but the momentum is constant

5.A circular disc of radius R is removed from a bigger circular disc of radius 2R such that the circumferences of the discs coincide. The centre of mass of the new disc is α/R from the centre of the bigger disc. The value of α is
(1) 1/3 (2) 1/2
(3) 1/6 (4) 1/4

6.The resistance of a wire is 5 ohm at 50°C and 6 ohm at 100°C. The resistance of the wire at 0 °C will be
(1) 2 ohm (2) 1 ohm
(3) 4 ohm (4) 3 ohm

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