1 At present the salary of President of India is – (a) Rs. 50,000
(b) Rs. 75,000
(c) Rs. 85,000
(d) Rs. 1,00,000
2 What is the minimum age prescribed in India for citizen to cast their vote ?
(a) 18 years (b) 21 years (c) 16 years (d) 20 years

3 Who decides whether a bill is a money bill or not ?
(a) President (b) Prime minister
(c) Finance Minister (d) Speaker of the lok sabha
4 The World Press Freedom Day is observed on
(a)12TH December (b) 03RD May
(c) 15TH September (d) 01ST December
5 Who was the last viceroy of India ?
(a) Lord linlithgow (b) Lord Mountbatten
(c) Lord Wavell (d) Clement Attlee
6 The world trade organization was formed in
(a) 1991 (b) 1995
(c) 1997 (d) 1999
7 Who had estimated national income in India first
(a) V.K.R.V. Rao (b) Dadabhi Naoroji
(c) R.C. Dutt (d) D.R. Gadgil
8 Cuscuta is a
(a) Partial stem parasite (b) Complete stem parasite
(c) Partial root parasite (d) Complete root parasite
9 The function unit of the kidney is
(a) Neuron (b) Glomerolus
(c) Nephron (d) Ureter
10 Copper is refined by
(a) Roasting (b) Oxidation
(c) Electrolysis (d) Zone refining
11 The important unit of a microprocessor is
(a) ALU (b) Array of registers
(c) Control unit (d) All of these
12 Who was the first actress to be conferred with the honors of Padma Shree
(a) Kanan Davi (b) Devika Rani
(c) Sulochana (d) Nargis Dutt
13 What is the net profit percentage of SBI during the year 2007-08 ?
(a) 26.5 % (b) 30.25 %
(c) 34.34 % (d) 48.18 %
14 The union cabinet has decided to increases the number of judges in the supreme court including the chief justice from 26 to
(a) 27 (b) 28
(c) 30 (d) 31
15 The union government has recently banned the export of which of the following cereals ?
(a) Rice (b) Wheat
(c) Maize (d) None of these
16 Chine has hiked its defense expenditure by ……. Per cent to raise it to $ 57.22 billion
(a) 17.6 (b) 18.5
(c) 20.2 (d) 22.5
17 Who has bagged the 53rd filmfare awards for best actress
(a) Aishwarya Rai (b) Preity Zinta
(c) Rani Mukherjee (d) Kareena Kapoor
18 What slogan has been given by the UNESCO for the international year of languages 2008 ?
(a) Revive lost Language (b) Language matter
(c) Language unit US (d) Language our lifelines
19 What is the name of the latest book by Jhunpa Lahiri
(a) Namesake (b) Unaccustomed earth
(c) Unpredictable earth (d) Reconcilation
20 What is the Name of Delhi’s Cricket Team for IPL cricket Tournament
(a) Dare Devils (b) Knight Riders
(c) a & b (d) none of these
21 A rear view mirror for driving is
(a) plain (b) concave
(c) convex (d) none
22 The government of India derives its single largest source of revenue from
(a) Direct Tax (b) Customer Duties
(c) Deficit Financing (d) Union Excise Duties
23 Rath temple at Mahabalipuram were built in the reign of which Pallava ruler ?
(a) Mahendraverman 1 (b) Narsinghavarman 1
(c) a & b (d) none
24 The staple food of the vedic Aryan was
(a) barley & rice (b) milk & its product
(c) rice & pulses (d) none of these
25 Who has bagged the Indu Sharma Katha Samman for the year 2007 ?
(a) Mahasweta Devi (b) Nirupama Subramaniam
(c) Nasira Sharma (d) Nilanjana Bose
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
d a d b b b c b b c d d d d a
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
a b b b b c d a b c

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