TNPSC VAO Exam 2011 Answers

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission VAO Exam 2011 was held on 20.02.2011

TNPSC VAO Exam 2011 Answers

1.A 51.C 101.A 151.B

2.A 52.B 102.D 152.A

3.b 53.A 103.A 153.D

4.D 54.C 104.B 154.B

5.C 55.D 105.A 155.C

6.A 56.B 106.C 156.A

7.C 57.A 107.D 157.A

8.D 58.D 108.D 158.B

9.A 59.B 109.D 159.B

10.C 60.B 110.A 160.C

11.A 61.A 111.D 161.A

12.B 62.B 112.B 162.A

13.C 63.A 113.C 163.A

14.A 64.B 114.D 164.B

15.A 65.A 115.B 165.D

16.A 66.C 116.D 166.A

17.B 67.C 117.B 167.C

18.A 68.A 118.D 168.B

19.A 69.D 119.B 169.B

20.C 70.B 120.C 170.B

21.A 71.C 121.A 171.B

22.C 72.C 122.D 172.B

23.C 73.A 123.B 173.D

24.D 74.C 124.B 174.C

25.A 75.B 125.C 175.B

26.C 76.A 126.D 176.A

27.C 77.A 127.A 177.A

28.B 78.A 128.A 178.D

29.B 79.C 129.C 179.C

30.D 80.C 130.A 180.C

31.B 81.C 131.C 181.C

32.B 82.C 132.B 182.A

33.C 83.C 133.C 183.A

34.C 84.D 134.D 184.C

35.B 85.B 135.A 185.C

36.B 86.A 136.B 186.D

37.A 87.A 137.A 187.C

38.D 88.D 138.C 188.A

39.A 89.A 139.D 189.C

40.B 90.C 140.B 190.A

41.D 91.C 141.C 191.D

42.B 92.D 142.B 192.B

43.A 93.A 143.D 193.C

44.B 94.C 144.A 194.B

45.B 95.B 145.D 195.A

46.C 96.A 146.D 196.C

47.B 97.A 147.B 197.C

48.D 98.A 148.C 198.C

49.A 99.B 149.A 199.C

50.B 100.A 150.B 200.C

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  1. shiny says:

    wat group answers is this Group A or B or C or D mention it first

  2. BASKARAN.R says:

    vao exam 2011 answer

  3. M.Selvamani says:

    Thank you for the TNPSC VAO Answer.
    pls send the answer key fore the Section A & C

  4. ashok says:

    sir i need 20.02.2011 vao exam c type qestion and answer detile

  5. NAGA says:

    i have need vao 2011 exam answer key at D

  6. PRABUDOSS says:

    Booklet series

  7. T.S.Thiyagarajan says:

    sir i write vao exam i want to know the answer. please send the answer sheet. question paper D

  8. arasu says:

    u didn’t mention which type question paper.

  9. arasu says:

    that mean A B C or D

  10. M.Vasuhi says:

    this is which series answer (a,b,c,d) i want d series answer

  11. satheesh says:

    These keys for which question paper whether for A, B, C or D?

  12. Jayachandran B says:

    VAO Answer sheet for A or B or C or D booklet?

  13. saranya says:

    want tnpsc 4 group answer in general knoledge and general tamil in b type question format plz

  14. KEVI says:


  15. nandakumar says:

    plz send vao exam question type c to my email

  16. sasikala .m says:

    53, makkcan street,

  17. saravana says:

    list for a b c d looks like a blunder

  18. tnpsc vao c says:

    dear sir. tnpsc vao answer.qestion model c

  19. KRISHNA says:


  20. R.Subhasri says:

    Kindly Send me 5 yrs question paper with answer for TNPSC Exam. This will be very helpful for our exam.

    Thanks & Regards.

  21. sasirekha says:

    i need vao exam answer for series D

  22. v.kavitha says:


  23. M.sankareswari says:

    vao exam result 2011

  24. sivakumar.g says:

    what is the g4 vao result wepsite , please send me

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