APGENCO Sub Engineer (SE) Syllabus For Mechanical Subjects

1. Electrical Engineering & Basic Electronics:
a. comprehend basic Electrical Fundamentals
b. Understand D.C.Machines
c. Understand A.C. Fundamentals and A.C. Machines
d. Understand storage batteries
e. Understand the principles of semi-conductor devices
f. Understand electrical measuring instruments and safety procedures
2. Thermal Engineering –I:
a. understand the Fundamentals and Laws of Thermodynamics
b. understand the laws of perfect gases
c. understand Thermodynamic Processes on gases
d. know the fuels and Combustion
e. appreciate the study of air standard cycles
f. Comprehend the construction, working and performance of Internal
Combustion engines.
3. Thermal Engineering – II:
a. understand the Properties of Stream
b. understand the working of steam boilers
c. steam Nozzles and Turbines
d. comprehend the construction and working of Air Compressors
e. Understand the working and applications of gas turbines and Jet Propulsion.
f. To appreciate the measuring devices used in instrumentation

4. Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machinery:

A. Hydraulics:
a. understand the various properties of Fluids
b. understand the behaviour of liquids in motion
c. evaluate frictional losses during flow of liquids through pipe
B. Hydraulic Machines:
a. analyze forces during the impact of jets
b. understand the working of water turbines
c. know the working of pumps.
5. Energy Sources and power plant Engineering:
a. introduction of Renewable Energy Sources
b. solar and wind energy
c. fuel cells and MHD Generator
d. Bio and Tidal Energy
e. Analyse the elements of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
f. To understand the impact of pollutants on Environment
6. Industrial Management & Entrepreneurship:
a. understand the principles of management as applied to industry
b. Know the organization structure of an industry and the behavior of an individual in an organization.
c. Understand the different aspects of production management
d. Understand the role of material management industries.
e. Understand marketing, sales and feasibility study.
f. Comprehend the provisions of industrial legislation in India and safety procedures.
g. Understand ISO 9000 and TQM
h. Understand the role of entrepreneur in economic development and in improving the quality of life.
7. Estimating and Costing:
a. List out the elements of costing
b. Understand the fundamentals of estimation
c. Estimate the weight of material required for a product and machining times
d. Estimate the fabrication cost
e. Estimate the forging cost
f. Estimate foundry cost
8. Manufacturing Technology –I:
a. Lathe & Lathe Work
b. Illustrate the working of Shaper, Slotter, Planner and Broaching Machine
c. Cutting Fluids, Coolants & Lubricants
d. Metrology
e. Understand the different welding methods and technique

9. Manufacturing Technology –II:
a. milling and Gear Making
b. grinding and finishing processes
c. modern machining processes
d. plastic processing
e. press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures
f. Jig Boring
10. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning:
a. understand the various methods of Refrigeration
b. Understand vapour compression and Vapour absorption in Refrigeration systems.
c. Know the refrigerants, refrigeration Equipment and applications of
d. Understand fundamentals of A/C and A/C equipment
e. Understand psychometry, cooling and heating loads.
f. Appreciate the applications of A/C servicing and maintenance of refrigeration and A/C equipment.
11. Information Technology:
a. understand the features of MS-word
c. understand working of MS-Excel
d. Understand MS-Power Point
e. Understand working with MS-Access

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