APGENCO Sub Engineer Syllabus For Electrical Engineer

APGENCO Syllabus for Sub-Engineer/Electrical)
1. Elements of Electrical Engineering:
a. Comprehend basic principles of electricity
b. Know the magnetic effects of electric current.
c. Understand electromagnetic induction
d. Understand electric charge and electrostatic field
2. Electrical circuits:
a. Understand Kirchoff’s laws and star delta Transformations and Network Theorems.
b. Comprehend the relationship between quantities connected with alternating current.
c. Comprehend the single phase A.C. Circuits
d. Poly Phase Circuits.
3. D.C.Machines:
a. Fundamentals of D.C. Generators
b. Armature Reaction and Characteristics of D.C. Generator
c. Fundamentals of D.C. Motors
d. Speed Control and Starters of D.C.Motors
e. Characteristics and Testing of D.C.Motors
4. Electrical Measuring Instruments & Batteries:
a. Know the Classification of different measuring instruments.
b. Understand the construction and working of different electrical measuring instruments
c. Understand the method of measurement of resistance.
d. Transducers and sensors
e. Understand Batteries
5. A.C.Machines:
a. Understand the working of Single Phase Transformers
b. To understand Three Phase Transformers.
c. Know the classification, construction, working and testing of alternators
d. Comprehend the procedure for voltage control and synchronization.
e. Comprehend the working of synchronous motors
f. Comprehend the working of three phase induction motor
g. Comprehend the working of single phase induction motor
h. Comprehend the working of single phase commutator motor
6. Power Systems:
a. understand the various sources of Power Generation
b. understand working of Thermal Power station
c. understand hydroelectric power station
d. understand the working of Nuclear & Gas Power stations
e. Comprehend combined operation and economics of power stations.
f. Comprehend the need for transmission and choice of supply system
g. Line structure for transmission and distribution
h. Underground cables.
i. Understand different types of switchgear, fuses and reactors and their working
j. Protective relays
k. Protection of alternators, transformer and transmission line.
l. Lighting arrestors and neutral grouding
7. Electronics:
a. passive components (Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors)
b. Know the semi-conductor Devices.
c. Understand the working principle of Power supply circuits
d. Understand the performance of special devices.
e. Understand the principle of working of Amplifiers.
f. Understand the principle of working of Small Signal Amplifiers.
g. Understand the principle of Oscillators
h. Appreciate the need for Modulation and Demodulation
i. Electronic instruments and industrial applications
j. Know the basics of ICs
k. Know the basics of digital electronics
l. Understand the working of combination logic circuits
m. Understand the working of sequential logic circuits
n. Understand working of registers and memories
8. Electrical Utilization and traction:
a. understand the principles of lightings
b. understand principle of electric heating, welding and its industrial application
c. electric traction systems
9. General Mechanical Engineering:
a. I.C. Engines – Boilers – Turbines
b. Understand the working of the centrifugal pumps
10. Information Technology:
a. understand the features of MS-word
b. understand working of MS-Excel
c. Understand MS-Power Point
d. Understand working with MS-Access

11. Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship:
a. understand the principles of management as applied to industry
b. Know the organization structure of an industry and the behavior of an individual in an organization.
c. Understand the different aspects of production management
d. Understand the role of material management industries.
e. Understand marketing, sales and feasibility study.
f. Comprehend the provisions of industrial legislation in India and safety procedures.
g. Understand ISO 9000 and TQM
h. Understand the role of entrepreneur in economic development and in improving the quality of life.

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