APGENCO Tr Sub Engineer Syllabus For Civil

APGENCO Sub Engineer Syllabus For Civil Engineer

1. Surveying:
A. Surveying-I:
a. know basic facts about surveying
b. understand the principles of Chain Surveying
c. principle of Compass Surveying
d. Understand the principles of Plane Table Surveying to fill in details of the field.

B. Surveying-II:

a. understand the principles of theodolite surveying preparation of plants and alignment.
b. understand the principles of Tacheometry to find the elevations and distances of stations.
c. understand the method of setting out simple curves
d. understand the Electronic Surveying instruments
2. Surveying Practicals II:
a. Performs Theodolite surveying
b. Performs Trigonometric leveling
c. Performs Tachometric Surveying
d. Sets out simple curves in the field
e. To understand the method of setting out of building on the ground
f. Applies principles of Surveying of Land Development
g. Knows the principle of surveying for Land Development
h. Knows the principle of Operation of Electronic Survey Instruments
i. Applies principles of mapping from the field work, potting of the field work
j. Applies knowledge of different methods of surveying in overcoming different field problems.

3. Quantity Surveying –I:

a. Understands basic concepts of Quantity Surveying, units and specifications
b. Understands different types of estimates and detailed estimates of buildings.
c. Understands the analysis of rates and abstract estimations
d. Computes the volumes of earth work and reservoir capacity
e. Compute the material required for construction of a structure
4. Construction Materials:
a. understands selection of stones and their acceptability for construction work
b. understands the acceptability of bricks for construction work
c. understands suitability of tiles, pipes and building sand for construction
d. to check the quality of cement for construction work
e. understands the principles of preparation of mortars and concrete
f. understands the selection and applications of wood, plastics, Glass and Asbestos for construction work

5. Construction Practice:

a. knows the classification of Buildings and design of foundation as per NBC
b. Understand the construction of masonry work
c. Understands the types and principles of doors, windows, ventilators and Lintels, Sunshades.
d. Understands methods of construction and finishes of different types of roofs and floorings.
e. Understands scaffolding and types of stair cases
f. Protective, decorative finishes and Termite proofing
6. Theory of Structures:
A. Theory of Structures-I:
a. Understands the effect of Loading on Beams
b. Understands Deflection of Beams under loading
c. Understands the effects of Internal pressure on unriveted and riveted thin cylinders
d. Understand the effects of Pure Torsion on solid and hollow Circular Shafts and closely coiled helical spring under given axial loading
e. Understands the behaviours of columns under vertical loads
B. Theory of Strucres-II:
a. understands the stability of retaining walls and dams under the action of lateral pressures.
b. Understands the effects of loading on propped, continuous, fixed and continuous beams.
c. Understands effect of Dead and live loads on statically determinate frames
7. Hydraulics:
a. knows the properties of Fluids
b. understands fluid pressure and its Measurement
c. understands the General principles of flow of the liquids
d. understands the flow through Orifices and mouth pieces
e. Comprehends the flow over different types of notches and weirs.
8. Transportation Engineering:
a. introduction to Highways and Soil machanics
b. understands highway survey and traffic engineering
c. understands highway construction and maintenance
d. understands introduction and permanent way of Railways
e. understands station yard and maintenance of Railways
f. Understands Bridges, Culverts and cause ways.

9. Environmental Studies:

a. Knows the importance of the environmental studies and Natural Resources.
b. Understands ecosystems and Biodiversity and its conservation
c. Know environmental Pollution, Social issues and the environment.
d. Understand Human Population and the Environment
e. Field work
10. Design of RC structures:
a. understand the basic ideas of concrete, reinforcing steel and philosophy of limit state design
b. Understand the principles of analysis and design of singly reinforced and doubly reinforced R.C.C. rectangular beams by limit state method.
c. Understand the principles involved in the design of R.C.C. slabs by limit state method.
d. Understand the principles involved in design of lintels, sunshades, T-Beams, continuous slabs and beams
e. Understand analysis and design of columns, footings and staircases.
11. Information Technology:
a. understand the features of MS-word
b. understand working of MS-Excel
c. Understand MS-Power Point
d. Understand working with MS-Access

APGENCO Sub Engineer Syllabus and Papers

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