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Mode of Payment
a) Application Fee (non-refundable) is Rs 950/- (Rs 475/- for SC/ST/PD Applicants)
b) There are two modes of fee payment. You may choose any of the following options:
i) SBI Cash Voucher (through any SBI Branch) In this case, after filling the Application Form a SBI Cash Voucher is generated along with the Application Printout. It contains your name and other details. You have to take this to any SBI Branch within India and make the payment. You have to enclose the IITB copy of the SBI Cash Voucher along with the Application Printout.
ii) Demand Draft
In this case, a Demand Draft of the appropriate amount in favour of ‘IIT Bombay’, payable at Mumbai should be obtained prior to filling of the Application Form. Enter the Demand Draft details while filling the Application Form. The Draft should have the validity of 6 months.

The following 3 steps are necessary to complete your ONLINE Application.

STEP I : Registration

1) Click ‘Registration’ on CEED ONLINE Application Homepage.

2) Type in your name & email address in the form. You will be provided with a Registration ID.
Note down your Registration ID.

3) Your Registration ID will also be sent to your email address.

4) This Registration ID is very important for filling the Application Form and accessing the
Application Status.

STEP II : Filling of Application Form and taking Application Printout by the Registered Applicant

* Read ‘Instructions for filling Application Form’ given on CEED Application Homepage.

* Before Clicking on ‘Submit Finally’, you must check that all the information filled by you is correct, as you cannot edit the form after pressing this button.

* Do not keep the page idle for more than 30 minutes, otherwise the session will expire.
* You can use ‘Save & Continue Later’ option for temporary saving of the application and continue later.

1) Registered Applicant should click ‘ONLINE Application’ on CEED ONLINE Application Homepage.

2) Type in your Registration ID and click ‘Fill Form’.

3) Enter your personal details, choice of examination centre and mode of payment.

4) If you are opting paying by Demand Draft then give Demand Draft details.

5) After you are satisfied that the information given is correct click on ‘Submit Finally’.
Note that you can not edit the form after pressing this button.

6) Take Application Printout by clicking ‘Print Form’ option. Application Printout can be taken only after ‘Submit Finally’ option is clicked.

* The Application Printout has the information filled in by you in the Application (along with the SBI Cash Voucher if you have selected this option of payment). It also gives your Application Number. Note down your Application Number.

STEP III : Submission of Application Printout (By post/in person)

1) Complete the Application Printout, following the instructions given below.

i) Signature of the Applicant: Put your signature in black pen within the box. Signature in the form of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS will NOT be considered as a valid signature.

ii) Photograph: Paste a good contrast photograph of 3cm width x 4cm height within the box. Do not staple the photograph since it will be scanned. Do NOT sign on the photograph. Do NOT get it attested.

iii) Declaration by the Applicant: Read the statement and put your signature within the box. Both the signatures on the Application Printout MUST be identical. Signature in the form of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS will NOT be considered as a valid signature.

iv) Enclosures: Tick in the appropriate box(es) and attach the relevant certificate(s) from the appropriate authority.

2) The completed Application Printout, along with IITB Copy of the SBI Cash Voucher OR the Demand Draft (write your name and application number on the back of the DD), and other enclosures (if any), are to be submitted in an envelope to GATE Office IIT Bombay on or before Monday November 1, 2010.

3) Write “CEED 2011 Application” on top of the envelope

4) The Envelope can be submitted in person at the counter of GATE Office, IIT Bombay or mailed only by Registered Post or Speed Post to:

GATE Office
IIT Bombay, Powai, MUMBAI 400 076 Please note:
* Applications complete in all the above respects, will only be considered.
* Before sending the documents, the candidates are advised to take a photocopy of all the materials for their reference.

Check List for mailing the Application Printout:

– Duly completed Application Printout
– Two identical signatures on the Application Printout
– Photograph pasted on the Application Printout
– SBI Cash Voucher / Demand Draft
– Attested copy of SC/ST/OBC (non-creamy layer) certificate attached (if applicable)
– Attested copy of disability certificate attached (if applicable)
– Attested copy of experience certificate (for GD Art qualified applicant)

CEED Online Application Website will open on 20th September, 2010 and close on 25th October, 2010.

Click Here To CEED Online Application Forms

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