Kerala PSC Recruitment Online Application Forms

Kerala PSC Recruitment Online Application Forms

The Application forms designed and printed by the Commission are available in all the offices of the commission and all the post offices in Kerala. Cost of Application form for General candidates is Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten only) and for SC/ST candidates is Rs.5/- (Rupees Five only)
Applications, for posts which can be applied through online, can be filled and submitted through the Official website, Help facility is provided in the website for filling online application forms

How to Apply

Qualified applicants can apply for the notified selection only in the application form prescribed. The Application form is a single sheet of paper printed on both sides to faciliate computer processing using the Optical Mark Reader (OMR). Side A is the OMR Data sheet and Side B is the conventional application form. Each application form has a unique eight digit barcode on Side A. This barcode number is uniqe for each application form. This number shall be quoted in all further enquries/correspondance if any.

The OMR Data Sheet consists of ovals known as “BUBBLES” and rectangles known as “BOXES”. Blue/Black ball-point pen shall be used for filling the Boxes and HB pencil for marking the Bubbles. The entries in the boxes are for confirmatory purpose. The bubbles will be read by the optical scanning machine. Shade/darken the area completely for marking the Bubbles. Please see some correct methods of darkening illustrated in the OMR sheet given in the Information Brochure

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