South Asian University Faculty and Non-Teaching Recruitment Application Forms

Faculty Positions at the South Asian University

Current openings :

For the second academic session commencing in July 2011, the University has the following openings for faculty positions at the level of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor:

* Faculty of Economics (5 positions)
*Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (5 positions)
*Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology (6 positions)
*Faculty of Legal Studies (6 positions)
*Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences (6 positions)
* Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences (6 positions)

Please read the following before you start filling the on-line application form:

*The form is in MS Word format. Please fill it and save it so that it can be emailed to us. A signed hard copy should also be sent by mail
*Please also send along with your application, scanned / soft copies of documents that are required (see the end of the form).
*In career history, please fill only those positions that were held for at least 6 months.
* On the Publications page, please include only those research publications that were peer-reviewed. Please do not include abstracts under publications. Magazine and newspaper articles should not be included.
*Under “honors, awards and distinctions”, please include only significant national and international recognitions. These would include Elected Fellowships of Prestigious Professional Academies, competitive scholarships, medals, orations, invited memberships to prestigious bodies, and consultancies. Please do not include paid memberships of professional bodies and memberships of internal bodies of the institution where you are working or are employed.
*Please note that the candidates who are currently employed will have to submit a no-objection certificate from their current employer. This no-objection certificate may be submitted along with the application or at the latest, will have to be presented at the time of interview for short-listed candidates.
*For candidates who are employed and wish to join the SAU on deputation, please bring the terms of deputation of your parent organization at the time of interview.
*Completed form and attachments should be sent to
* If you are unable to send the complete application (including all required documents /enclosures), you can send by regular mail / courier the completed form and copies of the required documents to: CEO, South Asian University, Old CRS building, JNU campus, New Delhi 110067 (India)
*Queries may be directed to Prof. RK Saxena, OSD (Academics and Planning) at

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Non-Teaching Positions

Salary and Benefits

Current Openings

Applications are invited for the following positions (please click on each for further details).

The Grade mentioned against each refers to the grade/salary level of the position. Nationals of all SAARC countries are encouraged to apply, particularly for the senior positions. Please note that cost of living in New Delhi can be fairly high and non-Indian staff members in junior grades may not find the salary levels adequate; hence most of these may have to be recruited locally.

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