APPSC Group 1 Mains Exam Polity and History Paper

APPSC Group 1 Examination 2008 Polity and History Paper (II)

The candidate has to answer 15 questions at 5 questions from each section. Each question carries 10 marks.
1. (a) Compare and contrast the salient features of Early Vedic and Later Vedic civilisations in political, social, economic and religious fields.


(b) Analyse the factors that contributed for the growth of Magadhan imperialism.

2. (a) Bring out the nature and significance of Bhakti Movements in Medieval india.


(bl Discuss the social and economic conditions under the Vijayanagar rulers.

3. (a) Critically examine the impact of British colonial rule on the Indian economy.


(b) Examine the objectives, methods and the impact of the Moderates via-a·vis the Extremists during the course of the Indian Freedom Struggle from 1885 to 1920

4. (a) What was the contribution of the Socio-religious Reform Movements of the 19th century for the upliftment of women in Modern India ?


(b) Bring out the nature and characteristic features of the anti—Brahmin movements in Modern lndiu.

5. a) Trace the important Peasant Movements in Modern India and their characteristic features.


(b) Examine the salient features of the Indian Foreign Policy during the post-independence period upto 1989.


G. (a) Discuss the socio-religious conditions and the development of` Telugu language and literature during the Satavahana period.


(b)Explain the contributions of` Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi in the fields of` education, culture and Telugu language and literature.

7. (a) Give an account of the socio-religious and cultural conditions in Andhra desha during the years 1000-1565 A.D.


(b) Estimate the contribution of the poet Nannaya for the development of Telugu language and literature.

8.(a) What are the factors that led to the rise and growth of socio·cultural awakening in Andhra during the 20th century ?


(b)Descrilie the causes and results of the Vandemataram Movement in Andhra

9.(a) Briefly explain what are the circumstances that led to the establishment of Asafjahi dynasty and the role played by Nizam·ul-Mulk.


(b) Estimate the significance of Library Movement in Telangana.

10. (a) Critically examine the role played by Ittehadul Muslimeen, during the rule of the Vlll th Nizam of Hyderabad.


(b) Assess the circumstances that led to the formation of Andhra Pradesh.


11.(a) “Preamble is a part of the Indian Constitution.” Comment.


(b) Is India a Federation ?

12. (a) Do you agree with the view that functions are given to the States while resources are with the Centre ?


(b) “The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India is a friend, philosopher and guide ol` Public Accounts Committee” —-Discuss.

13. (a) Comment on the declining trend of legislative debates.


(b) What are the novel trends in Judicial Review ?

14. (a) “Article 356 is more misused than used.” ——- Comment.


(b) Panchayati Raj is a “God that failed.” ——Evaluate.

15. (a) Bring out the politics of Women’s Reservation Bill.


(b) Analyse the functions and functioning of National Commission for Scheduled Castes.

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