APPSC GROUP- II PAPER-III Exam Pattern and Syllabus | APPSC GROUP- II PAPER-III Study Material


1. Planning in Indian Economy, Socio-economic objectives and outlays of 5 year plans, Major controversies of planning in India, Alternative strategies, Goals and achievements, shortfall of different plans, Planning in the market, Major reforms/policy changes effect from 1991.

2. Broad fiscal , monetary, industrial trade and agricultural policies, objectives, rationale, constraints and effects.

3. Geographic size, Endowment of natural resources, population; size composition, quality and growth trends, occupational distribution, effect of British rule with reference to drain theory and Laissez Faire Policy.

4.Money banking and public finances, concept of money and measures of money supply, velocity of money banks and credit creation, determination of price level, inflation, its causes and remedies , finance budget, taxes and non-tax revenue.

5.Meaning and measurements of growth- growth distribution and welfare, characteristics of under development, stages of development, sources of growth capital, human capital, population, productivity, trade and aid, growth strategies, types of average measures, dispersion-correlation-index numbers ; types, uses and limitations.


1. National Income & Main sectors of Economy, GDP(Gross Domestic Product), Per capita income and HDI (Human Development Index), as measures of development. Relative contribution of agriculture to income and employment in the recent four decades of AP.

2.Five year plans of AP Outlays, Finance in public sector plan and resource allocation pattern in the recent five year plan.

3.Need for and aims of land reforms in AP Structure of land holdings in AP. Forest, sown and irrigated area in AP. Cropping pattern. Sources of Agricultural finance in AP Agricultural subsidies.

Growth and structure of Industries in Andhra Pradesh , factories, small and tiny sectors, their comparison , growth , weaknesses and problems- Institutional and non-institutional growth and structure of cooperatives in Andhra Pradesh, Share of cooperatives in total credits adequacy and problems.

5. Structure of Agricultural outputs administered prices including support and procurement prices Public Distribution System in AP ; Service sector of AP importance, composition and growth with special reference to transport and communication, tourism and information and biotechnology.

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