1. N E BHAGYA LAXMI says:

    Dear sir,
    Please send me old history papers of group-2.
    Thanking you

  2. sanjeev says:

    requested sir
    i want polytechnic JL chemistry old question papers

  3. chalapathi patri says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you

  4. DEVI says:

    Dear sir please send me JL “ECONOMICS” modal papers.

  5. P.Venkateswara Rao says:

    Hello sir please send APPSC Degree lecturer physics previous papers to my e-mail

  6. neharoy says:

    pls send me poltechnic lecturers previous papers for physics

  7. neharoy says:

    pls send me previous papers of poltechnic lecturers in physics

  8. BV Rao says:

    This is Dr. Rao BV. Please send the JL physics modelpapers and material.

    Thanking you.

  9. Asha says:

    please send me APPSC DL (degree lecturer)Microbiology previous paper

  10. md umme salma says:

    plz send me junior lecturer model question papers ECONOMICS subject.plz request.

  11. T.Seshu Vani says:

    Sir, please send me the model papers of general studies and Mathematics for Junior lecturers

  12. bhanu says:

    sir pleas send me more previous telugu quetion papers for degree lecturers and jl exam

  13. venu says:

    sir, please send previous jl economics papers

  14. P.Sudarsan reddy says:

    Sir, Can you send the Key of general science and Mathematics for Govt.Degree lecturer conducted on 14-08-2011.

  15. plese send me economice J.Lmodal quasation papers says:

    plese send me economicE j.l MODAL QUASATION PAPERS

  16. mahipal reddy says:

    please send me d.l physics previous of year 2011

  17. venu says:

    please send me previous jl commerce papers

  18. chakradhar says:

    sir pls send me da previous modelquestion papers , patternand syllabus.thanq.

  19. aaisha mushraf says:

    plz send me pervious junior lecturer botany question paper

  20. someshwar says:

    sir, please give me JL economics syllabus

  21. someshwar says:

    sir please give me JL economics syllabus in telugu versan

  22. bharathi says:

    dear sir kindly send jl old papers of english literature

  23. venkata laxmi says:

    hello sir,please send me junior lecturers mathematics previous question papers.

  24. venkata laxmi says:

    sir, please send me jl maths previous papers.
    Thanking u sir.

  25. shivaraj says:

    please send JL English previous question papers

  26. Chandra Sekhar says:

    Hello Sir,Please send me JL Telugu and DL Telugu previous papers

    Thanks In Advance

  27. prashantha says:

    Pls send me JL model papers for enlish lectures…

  28. suresh reddy says:

    please send me jl model papers for english lecturers

  29. alakananda says:

    dear sir,
    please send jl english literature question papers
    thank you
    yours truly

  30. Yadagiri Swamy CH says:

    please send me JL Commerce model paper

  31. vishal says:

    sir, plz post me some

  32. venkat says:

    sir send me degree lecture english previous papers

  33. venkat says:

    sir , when we expect jl new notification.

  34. Sandhya Rani says:

    Dear sir,Ineed jl maths model papers . thank u sir.

  35. Gangaiah says:

    Gdmng dear…. I want jl bof any question paper 2011 if u have send me

  36. k.narasimha says:

    Please send botany j.l previous papers

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