General Aptitude Sample Questions | GA Sample Questions | General Aptitude (GA) Solved Questions

1) Stock options for employees are the latest step in progression from management ownership to employee ownership. Employee ownership can save loss-making companies.

From the following statements, choose that one, which if true, does NOT provide support for the claim above.

(a) Employee owned companies generally have higher productivity

(b) Employee participation in management raises morale

(c) Employee ownership tends to drive up salaries

(d) Employee ownership enables workers to share in company profits

2) If log8 3 = 0.5283 and log8 5 = 0.7740, then what is the value of log8 45 ?

(a) 1.6553 (b) 1.8306 (c) 3.8066 (d) 0.8178
w w w.w a y 2 f r e s h e r s . c o m
3) The following represents the summation of two numbers where X, Y and Z represent distinct digits among 0, 1, 2, …, 9.
What does X represent?

(a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 9

4) Four places A, B, C and D are situated in a city as follows:

B is situated due east of A at a distance of 6 km.

C can be reached from B by travelling 2 km due east and then 4 km due north.

D is situated due west of C and is at equal distance from A and B.

What is the distance between A and D?

(a) 3.5 km (b) 4 km (c) 4.5 km (d) 5 km

5) Any government officer who allows bribery to flourish must be subject to ________ .

(a) stringency (b) stricture (c) vagary (d) mockery

Answers to Sample Questions:

1) (c) 2) (b) 3) (c) 4) (d) 5) (b)

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