Wipro logical questions in 2008 for freshers

61.To reduce External Fragmentation the technique used is
A.Segmentation B.Compaction
C.Fragmentation D.None
Ans: B

62.Expand IDEA.
A.International Data Encryption Algorithm
B.Internal Data Encryption Algorithm
C.Inter Data Encryption Algorithm
D.Intra Data Encryption Algorithm

Ans: A

63. In which topology each computer is directly connected
to primary network cable in a single line.

A.BUS topology B.STAR topology
C.RING topology D.None

Ans: A

64. Advantages of DBMS?
A.Redundancy is controlled
B.Enforcing integrity constraints.
C.Data isolation.
D.All of the above

Ans: D

65. Extend DML
A.Data Manipulation Language
B.Data Multiplex Language
C.Data Model Language
D.Data Multiple Language
Ans: A

66.Extend YACC
A.Yet Another Compiler Compiler
B.Yet Another Computer Compiler
C.Yet Another Compact Computer
D.Yet Advanced Compact Computer
Ans: A

67. The copy operation by a simple assignment causes in some cases ?
A.no effect
B.copy exactly the same as original
C.creates new
D. hallo copy
Ans: D

68. A batsman makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th innings and thus increases his average by 3. Find his average after 17th inning.
A. 42 B. 33
C. 39 D. 50
Ans: c

69. A father is twice as old as his son, 20yrs ago the gae of the
father was 12 times the age of the son. Find the present age of
the father.

A. 44 B. 33
c. 39 D. 50
Ans: A

70.If the price of the sugar decreases by 20%, find how much percent a house holder increase her consumption of sugar so as not to
decrease the expenditure.

A. 42 B. 25
C. 39 D. 50
Ans: A

71. The population of a city increases at the rate of 5% annually.Its present population is 185220. Its population 3 years ago was?
A. 181500 B. 183433
C. 16000 D. 127783
Ans: A

72. The CP of 12 articles is equal to SP of 9 articles. Find the
gain percentage.

A. 33 1/2 % B. 33
C. 40% D. 42%
Ans: A

73. An article when sold at a gain of 5% yields 15Rs more than when sold at a loss of 5%. What is the CP?
Ans: c

74. A bag contains 50paise and 10paise coins in the ratio 5:9:4,
amounting to 206Rs. Find the number of coins of each type?

A. 50paise coins 200
25paise coins 360
10paise coins 160
B. 50paise coins 200
25paise coins 360
10paise coins 361
C. 50paise coins 100
25paise coins 260
10paise coins 160
D. 50paise coins 250
25paise coins 300
10paise coins 160
Ans: A

75. A started a business with 21000Rs and is joined afterwards by B with 36000. After how many months did B join if the profits at
the end of the year are divided equally?

A. 5 B. 6
C. 7 D. 8
Ans: A

76. If 5 men can work for 9hrs a day in 16days in how many days will 18men can do the work?
A. 16 B. 14
C. 13 D. 15
Ans: D

77. A is twice as good a workman as B and together they finish a piece of work in 18days. In how many days will A alone finish the

A. 26 B. 23
C. 27 D. 28
Ans: c

78.A sum of money is sufficient to pay A’s wage for 4 days and
B’s wage for 28days. The same money is sufficient to pay wages for
both A and B

A. 12days B. 13
C. 14 D. 10
Ans: A

79. 2 pipes A and B can fill a tank in 24mins and 32 min respectively. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously, after how much time B should be closed so that tank is full in 18min?
A. 18min B. 6
C. 4 D. 10
Ans: A

80. Walking 5/6th of its usual speed, a train is 10min too late. Find its usual time to cover the journey.

A. 45min B. 50
C. 25 D. 32

Ans: B

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