The Power Of the Words | WE & I


The powers of these words are used in a manner where each word play a crucial part for addressing people or group of people. Let’s discuss each word separately.

(i) First let’s discuss “WE”:

* We is mostly used word where collective efforts are being highlighted. Mostly leaders use this word as an effective tool to move the masses to there side. Let’s discuss it with example the boss says you do it while the leader says let’s do it. WE symbolizes collective team effort. It directly shows that the intentions are clear in all aspects that is for development for human masses. All friends and foe are created by this letter we.
* It shows much positivity in thoughts and in actions collective we grow and when I come we fall. Therefore the person must try and develop the skill of working in team for setting and formulation of goals. Corporate now days are working on corporate social responsibility like planting trees, educating children, feeding children suffering from malnutrition.

(ii) Secondly let’s Discuss “I” :

* I is the main cause for fight because it shows and highlights authority and responsibility together. Most fights like cross border terrorism are because ye tera hai ye mera hai. Boundaries are created by humans only which have made all things more complicated. Gone were the days where we use to say Man is a social animal now it is being replaced as Man is Machines animal. Life without use of electronic gadgets is next to impossible. Now you have time for social networking through what’s App, Facebook Twitter where you can chat in one single go to n number of friends. Life is made easy but with a cost that you will not go to the person place where friends interact and gossips happen over a cup of tea. The relationship nowadays is just a like mobile where you choose one but you often see your friends mobile more attractive.

–> We also want to shift the focus of young professionals to come back to original lifestyle when there was no mobile, or TV we use to communicate through letters but now it has all gone. It is very tough or you can try to just write a paragraph or two with pen. With computer and mobile life has been made simple but complicatated as the youth are addicted to it. We must use it when it is required.

–> The main course of action to highlight this issue is to give you brief about the power of WE and I.I is more powerful but most argumentive word while WE is more collective and effective word to use. Now it wholly depends on person to person to use these pronouns generously.

“The power of we is tremendous which you will see while you Address Use We more, instead of using I which is often cause of Distress.”

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