Important Tables in Order Management

Important Tables in Order Management Objects Tables Stores Sales Order header related information OE_ORDER HEADERS_ALL Stores the sales Order lines related information OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL Stores Shipping related information WSH_DELIVERABLES_V_WSH_TRIPS_WSH_NEW_DELIVERABLES_WSH_DELIVERY DETAILS Stores Customer related Information AR_CUSTOMERS_V Stores Customers Address related information AR_ADDRESS_ALL Stores Price list line related information QP_LIST_LINES_ALL Stores Payment terms related information RA_TERMS_VL Holds Definitions […]

Content Development Functionality in the professional edition: UPK

UPK Installation & Administration: This content provides instructions for installing the developer in a single user or multi-user environment as well as add and manage users and content in a multi-user installation. An administrator help system also appears in the developer for authored configured as administrator. This manual also provides instruction for installing and configuring […]

Oracle E Business Suite Dataflow for Order to Cash

These are the following Data-flow for Order to Cash Cycle: This is the first stage when the order is entered in the system ,it creates order header and order header lines Enter Header Details: OE_ORDERS_HEADERS_ALL_FLOW_STATUS_CODE=ENTERED BOOKED_FLAG=N                Enter Line Details for the Order: Order Header_ID , OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL(FLOW_ STATUS_CODE=ENTERED,BOOKED_FLAG=N,OPEN_FLAG=Y) PRIMARY KEY= LINE ID   Order Booking: […]

Introduction Of Oracle Workflow Builder: Purchase Order Process

In Oracle E Business Suite for PO module workflow builder plays an important part for the approval of purchase order. There are many approval workflow that we use in Oracle EBS they are PO approval workflow, Requisition workflow, Invoice approval workflow, Expense Approval Workflow, General Ledger Voucher approval workflow. The workflow sends the approval notification […]

Oracle E Business Suite :Shipping Concepts

Ship from: It is the location from where the material is being shipped that is the warehouse. A material can be shipped from the plant known as ex works. Ship to: A ship to location is the location where the goods or the material is being shipped termed as destination. Deliveries: A Delivery must be […]

Oracle E Business Suite Move order Type

There are different types of move orders which are used in oracle inventory. The transactions are being processed from one inventory org to other inventory org. It allows the material to move from one organization to another through proper channel. The move order is generated when there is urgent need in the plant for any […]

Miscellaneous Receipt An Overview

There are six types of Miscellaneous Receipt Miscellanous Reciept Miscellanous Isuue Account Reciept Account Issue Account alias issue Account alias Receipt   A Receipt is the transaction and the acknowledgment which is received against the transfer of goods or properties. We create miscellaneous receipt  and miscellaneous issue in order to adjust on hand quantity of […]

Oracle Apps Work In Progress Key Tables 

The following lines are shown in the Back-end Tables for Work In Progress.It will be helpful for Technical Consultant WIP_LINES WIP_LINES  It stores production line information. Each row includes a line name, maximum and minimum rate information, throughput for rate based lines (lead time), and the start and stop time information that determines the amount […]

Identifiers & Reserved words in Python

Identifiers A Python identifier is a name used to identify a variable, function, class, module, or any other object. Naming Rules üVariable length can be of anything. üIdentifier names should start with an alphabet or underscore(_) followed by zero or more letters, underscores and digits üNo other special characters are allowed. üIdentifier names are case […]

Installation of Python and Running methods

Python distribution is available on a wide variety of platform. Python is pre installed in LINUX and MAC OC Machines, while intstallers for all of the operating systems are available at windows installer XYZ-.msi file where  xyz is the version where you are going to install. The python interpreters reads the source program and […]