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Below are given some sample questions for the objective type tests. The types of questions are only illustrative and not exhaustive. In the actual examination you may find questions on some or all of these types and also questions on the types not mentioned here.
Test I : Reasoning
Q.1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one which is not like the other four ?
(1) Man (2) Girl (3) Boy (4) Person (5) Lady
Q.2. ‘Table’ is related to ‘Wood’ in the same way as ‘Shoe’ is related to ________
(1) Cobbler (2) Chappal (3) Lace (4) Shop (5) Leather
Q.3. If the letters in the word TOPS can be rearranged to form a meaningful word beginning with O, write the last letter of that word, if more than one such word can be formed write M and if no such word can be formed write X.
(1) T (2) P (3) S (4) M (5) X
Q.4. If (I) ‘A * B’ means ‘A is the mother of B’ and (II) ‘A × B’ means ‘A is the husband of B’, which of thefollowing shows ‘P is the father of Q’ ?
(1) Q * M × P (2) P * Q (3) Q * P
(4) P × M * Q (5) None of these
Q.5. In a certain code SENT is written ‘ + ÷ × –’ and ANT is written ‘* × –’. How is TEN wiritten in that code ?
(1) × ÷ + (2) * – + (3) ÷ × – (4) – ÷ × (5) × ÷ –
Q.6. In a row of boys Amar is tenth from one end. There are 20 boys in the row. What is his position from the other end ?
(1) 9th (2) 10th (3) 11th (4) 20th (5) None of these
TEST II : Test of English Language
This is a test to see how well you know English. Your English language ability would be tested through questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of a passage, etc. Study and answer the sample questions given below. Please remember, in the test paper there may be questions of several other types also.
Q.7-8. Directions : Pick up the most appropriate word from amongst the words given under each sentence to complete it meaningfully.
Q.7. He quickly glanced the book to find what it said about the Indian economy.
(1) at (2) through (3) in (4) to (5) over
The correct answer is “through” which is answer No. 2. Now attempt the following questions.
Q.8. The local official the Minister of the situation.
(1) explained (2) warned (3) apprised (4) told (5) intimated
Q.9-11. Directions : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part of the sentence is your answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘5’.
Q.9. I am twenty / two years old / when I first / joined the bank. No error
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
The error is in (1). Therefore the answer is ‘1’.
Q.10. To the Hindus / the Ganga is / holier than / any other river. No error
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)In
Q. 10, there is no error; therefore the right answer to this question is ‘5’. Now attempt the following question.
Q.11. Of all the teachers / in our school / our class teacher / were very strict. No error
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Q.12-13. Directions : In each of the following questions, select from amongst the five alternatives, the word nearest
in meaning to the word given in capitals.
(1) a guard (2) a hundred years (3) a very old man (4) a hundred runs (5) the hundredth anniversary
(1) conquer (2) smash (3) earn (4) brave (5) capture
Q.14-15. Directions : In each of the following questions, select from amongst the five numbered words, the word most opposite in meaning to the word given in capitals.
(1) simple (2) weak (3) dull (4) angry (5) morose
(1) accurate (2) skillful (3) sensible (4) artistic (5) apt In addition to the above questions, there will be a passage in English for comprehension. You will be asked questions based on the passage.

Test III : Test of Numerical Ability
The questions help to know how fast and accurately you can work with numeric calculations. Q.16-20. In each question one number is missing. The place where the number is missing is shown by a question mark (?). Four answers are provided against each question. They are shown by numbers (1), (2), (3) and (4). You have to find out which one of the answers can replace the question mark. If none of these four can replace the question mark, the answer is (5).
Q.16. 42 + 73 + 137 = ?
(1) 352 (2) 252 (3) 242 (4) 142 (5) None of these In
Q. No. 16, 252 is the correct answer. So your answer would be (2). Q.17. 20 × 1 2 = ?
(1) 4 (2) 5 (3) 12 (4) 20 (5) None of these
The correct answer is 10. But neither 1 nor 2 nor 3 nor 4 shows this answer. Therefore your answer is (5).
Now attempt the following questions.
Q.18. 0.7 × 0.5 = ?
(1) 35 (2) 0.35 (3) 0.0035 (4) 0.035 (5) None of these
Q.19. 24 65 × 13 56 × 5 7 = ?
(1) 3 49 (2) 15 245 (3) 3 77 (4) 15 56 (5) None of these
Q.20. (27 + 498) ÷ 25 = ?
(1) 17 (2) 25 (3) 21 (4) 12 (5) None of these
Some of the problems may require arithmetical reasoning. For example :
Q.21. At 25 paise each, how many paise will 6 lemons cost ?
(1) 75 (2) 100 (3) 150 (4) 200 (5) None of these
the answer, of course, is 150, which is answer No.3.
Q.22. Which of the following can be an exact multiple of 4 ?
(1) 27114 (2) 58204 (3) 48402 (4) 32286 (5) None of these
Q.23. If the profit made by selling a pen for Rs.10 is as much as its cost, what is the cost price of the pen ?
(1) Nil (2) Rs.5 (3) Rs.10 (4) Rs.20 (5) None of these
Test IV : Test of Clerical Aptitude
Study the sample questions given below. In each question a combination of name and address is given in the first column at the left followed by four such combinations one each under the columns 1, 2, 3 and 4. You have to find out the combination which is exactly the same as the combination in the first column. The number of the column which contains that combination is the answer. If all the combinations are different, the answer is 5. 1 2 3 4 5
Q.24. S R Bhatt S R Bhatt S R Bhatt S R Bhatti S R Bhutt None 36, Bora Street 36, Bora Street 39, Bora Street 36, Bora Street 36, Bora Street Bombay-400096 Bombay-400096 Bombay-400096 Bombay-400096 Bombay-400096
Q.25. S. Narayanan S. Narayana S. Narainan S. Narayanan S. Narayanan None Amar Apt. 62, Amar Apt. 62, Amar Apt. 62, Amar Apt.62, Amara Apt.62, Bombay-400011 Bombay-400011 Bombay-400011 Bombay-400011 Bombay-400011
Directions :
The item in each question is to be classified into one of the following five Heads of expenditure : (1) Education, (2) Food, (3) Health, (4) Travel, (5) Miscellaneous. The number preceding the head of expenditure, 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, as the case may be is the answer.
Q.26. Purchase of Rice.
Since this item falls under the Head of expenditure ‘Food’, the answer is “2”.
Test V : Test of Computer Knowledge
This test is designed to test your basic knowledge of computers.
Q.27. The function of CPU is to ——-
(1) provide external storage of text (2) create a hard copy (3) create a new software
(4) read, interpret and process the information and instructions (5) None of these
Q.28. Pick the odd man out ——-
(1) Monitor (2) Keyboard (3) Floppy Drive (4) Windows (5) Hard Disk Drive
Q.29. The full form of LAN is ——-
(1) Local Access Network (2) Local Area Network (3) Long Area Node
(4) Local Area Node (5) None of these
Q.30. Database is a ——-
(1) collection of unrelated facts (2) collection of organized information in a structural way
(3) hardware storage area (4) base in which computer can launch (5) none of these Now follow the correct method of showing your answer with HB Pencil, and mark your answers to all the 30 questions given so far in this booklet on the specimen answersheet given below. This will give you practice in correctly marking your answers. Answers to first two questions have been marked for you. Portion of Answersheet for solving practice question.

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