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BITSAT 2009 Solved Paper

Q1. A boat takes time t to go downstream from point A to point B and time 2t to
go upstream from point B to point A . If the speed of the stream is v and the speed
of the boat with respect to the stream is u , then which of the following gives the
correct relationship between u & v ?

Q2. Which of the following is correct about the acceleration of a particle describing a
uniform circular motion ?
a) The acceleration is constant both in magnitude and direction
b) The acceleration is constant in direction but not in magnitude
c) The acceleration is constant in magnitude but not in direction
d) The acceleration is neither constant in magnitude nor in direction
Q3. Five identical resistors of resistance 1 each, are connected along the four edges and one of the diagonals of a square. A potential difference of 1 V is applied across the other diagonal. What will be the current in the resistor along the diagonal ?

Q4. A beam of completely unpolarized light of intensity 0 I is made to pass through a polarizer followed by an analyzer. What should be the angle between the axes of the polarizer and the analyzer, so that the intensity of the beam coming out of the analyzer

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