Call Center And BPO Interview Questions

call center is a centralized office of a company that answers incoming telephone calls from customers or makes outgoing telephone calls to customers. They can handle a considerable volume of calls at the same time and can also log calls. It is the focal point of customer service for most companies today. Using a variety of technologies including computer automation, call centers connect the customer and the organization to meet customer needs in real time.

Call centers have application in many industries offering customer service. Many organizations use call centers to solicit clients or customers for new sales or donations and contributions. They can also be used to accomplish surveys of customer satisfaction or public opinion.

Call centers can be divided into three groups:

* Those that focus on outgoing calling
* Those that focus on incoming calls
* Those that are established to accomplish multiple tasks

Role of Computer in Call Center
Technology plays a major role in the call center. Computers are used to access customer records, product information, ordering status, transaction history and other various important data. They play as the primary and the most essential tool for call center agents. They even contact customers through email and can also blend mails with phone calls. No call center can work without the availability of computers.

Call center Management and Technical Positions
Call centers offer a strong and diverse career path for customer service representatives. Several options in both management and technical areas are open for individuals willing to work in a call center.

* Supervisor or team leader
* Training development and delivery
* Workforce scheduling
* Quality monitoring or quality assurance
* Business analyst (reporting and financials)
* Process specialists
* Human resources
* Information technology

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