c language technical/logical quetsions for freshers

21. What is the full form of CMM
(a) Capability Maturity Model
(b) Cost Maintainance Model
(c) Capability maintainance model
(d) Cost Maturity Model

22. Sorting is not possible by using which of the following methods?
(a) Insertion
(b) Selection
(c) Exchange
(d) Deletion

23. What are the methods available in storing sequential files ?
(a) Straight merging,
(b) Natural merging,
(c) Polyphase sort
(d) all

24. Conditional results after execution of an instruction in a micro processor is stored in
(a) register
(b) accumulator
(c) flag register
(d) flag register part of PSW(Program Status Word)
Ans: (d)

25. Frequency at which VOICE is sampled is
(a) 4 Khz
(b) 8 Khz
(c) 16 Khz
(d) 64 Khz
Ans: (a)

26. The status of the Kernel is
(a) task
(b) process
(c) not defined.
(d) none of the above.
Ans: (b)

27. Buffering is
(a) the process of temporarily storing the data to allow for small variation
in device speeds
(b) a method to reduce cross talks
(c) storage of data within transmitting medium until the receiver is ready
to receive.
(d) a method to reduce routing overhead.
Ans: (a)

28. Memory allocation of variables declared in a program is
(a) allocated in RAM.
(b) allocated in ROM.
(c) allocated on stack.
(d) assigned to registers.
Ans: (c)

29. Windows 95 supports
(a) Multiuser
(b) n tasks
(c) Both
(d) None
Ans. (a)

30. Semaphore is used for
(a) synchronization
(b) dead-lock avoidence
(c) box
(d) none
Ans. (a)

31. Which holds true for the following statement

class c: public A, public B
(a) 2 member in class A, B should not have same name
(b) 2 member in class A, C should not have same name
(c) both
(d) none
Ans. (a)

32. Piggy backing is a technique for
(a) Flow control
(b) Sequence
(c) Acknowledgement
(d) retransmition
Ans. (c)

33. Which is not a memory management scheme?
(a) buddy system
(b) swapping
(c) monitors
(d) paging
Ans : c

34. There was a circuit given using three nand gates with two inputs and one output. Find the output.
(a) OR
(b) AND
(c) XOR
(d) NOT
Ans. (a)

35. The redirection operators > and >>
(a) do the same function
(b) differ : > overwrites, while >> appends
(c) differ : > is used for input while >> is used for output
(d) differ : > write to any file while >> write only to standard output
(e) None of these
Ans. (b)

36. Which three commands cause a transaction to end? (Chosse three)
Ans. A

37. What was the first name given to Java Programming Language.
(a) Oak – Java
(b) Small Talk
(c) Oak
(d) None

38.What will happen when you attempt to compile and run the following code?

interface Skeleton{
public char getSize(int iSize);
public class Huskisson implements Skeleton{
int iSize=99;
public static void main(String argv[]){
      new Huskisson();
int iSize=1;
public int getSize(int iSize){
      return iSize;

(a) Compilation and output of 1
(b) Compile time error
(c) Compilation and output of 99
(d) Compilation but runtime error

39.What will happen if you compile the following code with assertions enabled?

public class Cote{
public static void main(String argv[]){
Cote c = new Cote();
public void go(String s){
int i = Integer.parseInt(s);
if(i > 0){
throw new AssertionError(i);

(a) Compile time error, AssertionError has no int constructor
(b) Compile time error AssertionError does not exist
(c) Assertion Error at runtime if given a command line parameter of 0
(d) If given a command line parameter of 1, 1 will be output at runtime

40.What data structes you will use if you want to go to first record from the last and vice versa?
(a) Doubly linked circular list
(b) Single linked circular list
(c) Tree
(d) Graph

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