MHA Assistant Central Intelligence Officer-Grade II/Executive Selection Procedure


Assistant Central Intelligence Officer – Grade II/Executive Examination – 2011

There will be a written examination consisting of objective type (multiple choice questions) on general awareness, general knowledge, English language, reasoning and mathematical aptitude and also a descriptive type examination in English language.
Both the examinations will be held in a single session/sitting. The candidate must give correct choice for the centre of examination opted by him/her in the application form while doing registration. The examination centre once opted will not be changed under any circumstances. Those candidates who acquire a specific standard in the written test will be interviewed subsequently for which place and date of interview will be intimated online through the website and e-mail address of the candidate. This information will also be given through SMS alert on the mobile phone number given by the candidate in the application form. No TA or other expenses will be admissible to the candidates for appearing in the test/interview except to unemployed SC/ST candidates who will be reimbursed the fares as admissible under the Rules. No cash payment will be made at the time of test or interview

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  1. admit card for inteligence bureau says:

    my registration no 860801
    date of birth 14 sep 1985

  2. krishan says:

    my dear frd..
    cutt off will be 100 question of g.s section after who will minimum standrad in g.s section i think may be 80-85..check easy section may be 25-35.
    1. Who Led the Thugs Spression in India ? Sleeman
    2. Julian Assange is the Editor of Wikileaks
    3. Go Back To Vedas Dayanand saraswati
    4. First Women President of Indian National Congress Annie besant
    5. Which Month Sunami in Japan ? March 2011
    6. Who Led American War of Independence ? George Washington
    7. Who Sign on The Rs Ten Notes in India ? Rbi governor
    8. Regulatory Body of Mutual Funds in India Sebi
    9. imperial bank of india Sbi
    10. Who is the Largest Producer of cars in World Japan
    11. First Economy Submit Held in Which Year ? 1977
    12. What is Ice ? Good Reflector Than Absorber
    13. How Many People speak Chinese Language ? 1 Billion
    14. Oldest Language of India ? Tamil
    15. World Total dialect ? 9000
    16. Total Number of English Word 45000
    17. Fort of Lalgarh was built By ?
    18. Which Epic was written in Year 838 AD Hiraka Sutra
    19. SC/ ST commission comes under which article ? 338
    20. Right of religion 25(1)
    21. What is the min. Age for the President Election ? 35
    22. Who advise president in any urgency ? Supreme Court of India
    23. President of India takes Oath from ? Chief justice of India
    24. Speaker votes in Lok Sabha Case of Equality of Votes
    25. Council of Minister appointed by President on Advise of ? Prime Minister
    26. Constitutional System in constitution taken from ? Uk
    27. Who Reached To South Pole First ? Amundsen
    28. Marcopolo First Visit To ? China
    29. Biggest Circle on earth surface ? equator
    30. Hoticulture is good for ? Mediterrian Climate
    31. Humidity Measured By ? Hygrometer
    32. India is a union states
    33. first cotton mill Bombay
    34. agmark was adopted 1937
    35. devnampiya- Ashok
    36. largest island in indian ocean – medagaskar
    37. self help group
    38. operation black board- improving primary education
    39. longest coastal line Gujarat
    40. mandal commission- 1993
    41. reorganization of states on liguistic basis- 1956
    42. English Is Official Language of — Nagaland
    43. Euclid All them
    44. share of agriculture in gdp is Decreasing
    45. british secret services
    46. jasmine revolution: Tunisia
    47. panchtantra was wriiten by: v.sharma
    48. Language with richest vocabulary Franch
    49. Nearest planet to the Earth: Venus
    50. Maithlisharan Gupt Saket
    51. Head of CIA: Leon panneta
    52. Vegetation in Siberia Taiga
    53. Chicken Pox Vaccine was developed by Adward zener
    54. Galileo discovered: All of them
    55. (x)(x)(x)(x3) is equivalent to: x6
    56. Mother to Son’s age ratio: 45:15
    57. lamp of lady Florence nightingale
    58. hope badminton is national game for .. Malaysia
    59. 5.2864
    60. nuclear reactor works on nuclear fission
    61. banaras hindu univeristy founder- madan moulya
    62. hampi is siuated on tha banks of – tungabadhra
    63. inert gas in atmosphere- argon
    64. november 1st is monday then november 25th will be- Thrusday
    65. Friday
    66. president has all powers bt can only implement when- parliament declares
    67. 4*10^-5 = 0.00004
    68. excise duty in india on? Production of goods
    69. X and y relation
    70. Brother relation
    71.good conducter Salt water
    72.kilaft movement Ali bandu revolution Narman borlog
    74.barak obama secretary Katie johnson
    75. Fahrenheit All them
    76.”good government was a never a substitute for self government” Mahatama ghandi
    77.shorthand epic Bibal
    78.galileo All them
    79.panchayti raj 73 amendment act
    81.first population census Lord Ripon

  3. krishan says:

    all the best

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