Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (RTET) Social Science Syllabus

Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Paper II
( For a person who intends to be a Social Science Teacher for Classes VI to VIII)
IV (b) – Social Studies
(60 Multiple choice questions of 60 Marks will be asked from this part of the question paper) Marks
Unit 1: 05 Marks
Indian Society – Characteristics , family, Marriage, Status of women and Current Social Problems –
castism, regionalism, Poverty, child misuse, urbanization.
Unit 2: 05 Marks
Indian culture and civilization- Sources of Indian history, Indus valley civilization, vedic culture
Unit 3: 05 Marks
Mauryan Empire and Gupta Empire –
Political history & administration, contribution to Indian culture
Cultural achievement of Gupta’s age, Indian cultural contacts with the out side world.
Unit 4: 05 Marks
The Bhakti and sufi Movement- social significance, Hindu – Muslim cultural systhesis
Unit 5: 05 Marks
Mughal Empire – Mughal-Rajput relation; administration, social, economic and cultural conditions during
the mughal period.
Unit 6: 05 Marks
British Rule – British policies towards Indian states, Revolt of 1857 and its Impacts
Unit 7: 05 Marks
Indian constitution- Nature, Fundamental rights and duties
Unit 8: 05 Marks
Legislative, Executive & judiciary structure – Parliament-Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha; constitutional position of the president and governers and their powers, Prime minister and cuncil of ministers, urban local government
Unit 9: 05 Marks
Main component of the earth – lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere; types of rocks; Forces modifying earth’s surface-earth quake and volcano, rivers; underground water, glaciers, wind, sea waves.
Unit 10: 05 Marks
Study of India – Physiographic regions, climate, natural vegetation, green revolution, multipurpose projects, industries, human resources.
Unit 11: 05 Marks
Geography and Resources of Rajasthan – Physical areas, soils, climate, water sources and water conservation, forests and wildlife, agriculture, minerals, energy resources, transport and industries.
Unit 12: 05 Marks
History and Culture of Rajasthan – Independence movement in Rajasthan; prominent personalities of Rajasthan; Heritage and Culture of Rajasthan (forts, palaces, fairs, festivals, folk-arts, handicrafts), Tourism.

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