RTET Syllabus for Level – I

RTET Syllabus
Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)

Paper I
( For a person who intends to be a Teacher for Classes I to V)
(i) Child Development and Pedagogy
(30 Multiple Choice Questions of 30 Marks will be asked from this part of the Question Paper) Marks
Unit 1 07Marks
Child development – Nature and nutrition, role of nutrition in child development, factors motivating child development. Growth and development – Physical, mental, language, social, emotional and psychomotor.
Unit 2 07Marks
Learning – meaning, theories and factors affecting learning ; motivation, Interest, habits and attitude.
Unit 3 07Marks
Personality ; Adjustment ; Exceptional children, mental health and hygiene.
Unit 4 09Marks
In the context of National Curriculum Framework-2005
Teaching : Concept, teaching learning process, Teacher’s Role, Teaching learning strategies and methods.
Assessment – Meaning, purposes, measurement and evaluation ;
Action research – Right to Education Act 2009 (Role and responsbilities of teachers

(iii) English

(30 Multiple Choice Questions of 30 Marks will be asked from these Units)
Unit 1 06marks
Parts of Speech , Basic Sentence Patterns.
Unit 2 06marks
Tenses, Determiners, Modal Auxiliaries.
Unit 3 06marks
Transformation of Sentences :
(a) Change of Degree
(b) Direct Indirect Narration
Unit 4 06 marks
Vocabulary : Synonyms, Antonyms, Spellings.
Unit 5 06marks
Basic knowledge of English Sounds and Symbols.

(iv) Mathematics

(30 Multiple choice question of 30 marks will be asked from this part of the paper) Marks
Unit 1 06Marks
Whole numbers upto one crore, Place Value, Comparison ; Fundamental mathematical operations : Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division ; Indian Currency.
Unit 2 06Marks
Concept of fraction, proper fractions, comparison of proper fraction of same denominator, mixed fractions, comparison of proper fractions of unequal denominators, Addition and Substration of fractions. Prime and composite numbers, Prime factors, Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) and Greatest Common Measure (GCM).
Unit 3 06Marks
Unitary law, Average, Profit – Loss, simple interest
Unit 4 06Marks
Plane and curved surfaces, plane and solid geometrical figures, properties of plane germetrical figures; point, line, ray, line segment; Angle and their types.
Unit 5 06Marks
Length, Weight, Capacity, Time, Measurement of area and their standard units and relation between them; Area and perimeter of plane surfaces of square and rectengular objects.

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